Please pray for our boys and their families…

a request from Forest Rain, Lionheart June 25, 2006


If you don’t pray, light a candle, take a moment of silence or wish on a star… 

Today two soldiers were killed and one was kidnapped, taken hostage by Palestinian terrorists. Other soldiers were injured.

Please pray for our boys and their families.

Gilad Shalit was taken hostage. May he return home to his family safe and sound. May he return quickly.

Hanan Barak was murdered today. He was just 21 years old. Pavel Slutzker was also murdered. He was 20 years old. Please pray for their families. May they be comforted and upheld in their time of grief.

Other soldiers were injured today. Please pray that they be healed in body, mind and soul, swiftly and completely.

If you’d like to use the prayer for the mourning, my translation of it appears below. The wisdom in this prayer is very profound and to me it is very moving.

God, please heal the brokenhearted and make them sad no more. Comfort, completely, the mourning. Give them strength and courage in this day of their mourning and misery. Grant them a good and long life.Put back in their hearts the awe of you and the love of you to enable them to worship you wholeheartedly. May they have peace for the rest of their days. Amen

May all these things come to pass…

and may tomorrow be a better day. 

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