Like kryptonite…

Update from Israel, September 21, 2006

by Forest Rain, Lionheart

The war was kryptonite to my ability to function effectively.

While missiles were falling all around my house and the beautiful region I live in I found myself, as if paralyzed, thoughts flying around inside my head and yet unable to express them. 

Now there are no more missiles and yet I am still not functioning at full capacity. I have been treated for war trauma but obviously residual trauma is still affecting me. This is the kind of thing you will never hear about on the news – I’m not sitting at home quivering. I know that I feel very tired. I have difficulty focusing as well as I did before. I know these symptoms are caused by stress. This is something that needs to be addressed – stress and its effects do not go away by themselves. I’m not crying uncontrollably. I don’t have nightmares. What I’m talking about is much less dramatic and much more insidious.

It’s like the spatter shaped patch in the road in front of the Karmiel police station. There was a hole there, the crater created when a katusha rammed in to the pavement. The new asphalt is a little different from the surrounding pavement, a subtle contrast between “before” and “after;” a silent testament to the horror that occurred in that spot. You see, there was a car there; the crater is what was caused after the katusha smashed into the car. I don’t know if the man driving it survived or not. I do know that the flames from that explosion could be seen from my home…

This war has marked us all.

Accomplishment pleases me and so I work even though it is currently very difficult. I promised you I would write about my Lionheart work, what I am currently doing to help others heal this new ache we have acquired. I wrote some of you about the Relaxation and Healing workshops Dr. Nili (my mother) is giving as a present to all those who are interested. I am helping her arrange these workshops and spread the word to those interested in receiving its benefits. 2000 invitations have gone out via snail mail to people living in surrounding communities as well as email invitations to everyone we know personally. She’s already done five workshops and two more have been scheduled. Many of the participants are caregivers – social workers, therapists and healers who need strength to be able to effectively help others. They have reported dramatically reduced stress levels… I may not have healing teddies to give but I do have equally meaningful and (possibly more) effective ways to help… This gives me great satisfaction and pleasure.

There is much for me to tell you about and I will as soon as I can. A lot is being done and with more support I could do much more. I’d like to take this opportunity to especially thank my American friend Emily S. who stood by me during the war even though she was an ocean away and has now made a generous contribution that has covered the costs of the last two workshops. Like other businesses in the north my family’s business was financially damaged during the war and as a result, giving medical services without charge is not easy for us to do. Generous friends make it much easier. If you would like to contribute funds towards the next workshops please contact me directly:

I’m adding here a very important link that I would like everyone reading this to utilize:

At this address you can find all of the “War in Haifa” presentations created by Lenny M. Some of you received the presentation from July 25th from me via email. I hope all of you go and look at all the presentations. They illustrate what we have experienced in this country in a clear and concise manner, showing what was not portrayed via any other document or medium I am aware of. If you want to understand what happened during July-August 2006 go look at the presentations. If you care about and/or want to understand what I experienced, go look at the presentations. If you feel moved by what you see please forward the link to anyone you think might be interested. Information is power!

Best wishes to you all,

Happy Rosh Hashana – may the new year bring us many wonderful gifts!

Yours truly, 

Forest Rain

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