Blood on the Ceiling

Enough is enough.

More than 250 missiles were launched at our cities, our homes today. This added to the missiles the day before and the day before that… added to 12 years of on and of missiles ever since the “Disengagement” from Gaza.

Today three people were murdered. They were sitting in their living room.  The missile that slammed into the side of their home ruined everything.  The footage of their home a silent testament to the horror; the Zaka workers on hands and knees scrubbing blood of the floor, the backpack with a cellphone ringing with no one to answer, blood splattered on the ceiling…

In every generation someone decides that it is a good idea to kill Jews, to wipe us off the face of the earth. In the past we did not have our own land, there was no one to protect us. No one listened to our cries. No one cared.

Now, in our sovereign land we are still told that we should stand down, shut up and “take it”. And very often we do. We do not like to fight.

Ahmed Jaabari was a key figure in the Hamas takeover of Gaza. He organized the various terrorist organizations there, coordinating their missile attacks on Israel. He was responsible for the bombing of a bus full of school children. He was responsible for kidnapping and holding Gilad Shalit hostage for five years.

Sit down, shut up. Be quiet, let it pass. Be “nice” and maybe they will be nice back.


Tell that to the babies that were wounded today. To the children who went back to wetting the bed at night because the boom of the missiles exploding and sound of the sirens scare them…

Enough is enough.

The terrorists carefully calculate how to hurt our women and children – especially our children because they know what is most precious to us. They put extraordinary effort and creativity in finding ways to maim, kill and terrify.

We carefully calculate how to stop terrorists from attacking us without hurting the innocents they use as human shields.

The Israeli Air Force does not carpet bomb. The terrorists hide in hospitals and schools. They gather innocent people around them. That is how they protect themselves from “soft-hearted” Jews.

The IAF is now executing pin-point targeted strikes. The targets are: terrorist masterminds like Jaabari, known terrorists who have already killed, terrorists launching missiles at Israel and weapons caches. The terrorist have stockpiled huge amounts of missiles and weapons, smuggled from Iran and supposedly, Libya.

The people of Gaza know they are not the target. They received warnings from the IAF to keep away from places where the terrorists are hiding and where weapons are stockpiled. As long as they are not trying to kill Israelis and they stay away from those that are – they will not be hurt.

We do not want to fight. We do not want to kill. We just want to live our lives in peace.

Sit down. Shut up.

Not when our people are besieged in their own homes. Not when we are forced to spend ~$50,000 per missile that is shot at us (the cost of the interception system “Iron Dome).

Not when our people have their blood splattered on the ceiling of their living room.

Enough is enough.

2 thoughts on “Blood on the Ceiling

  1. I can’t help wondering, to whom are you writing? On both sides, people have very strong feelings about this conflict. And don’t you think that the so-called neutral people have a sympathy with one of the sides? What is your objective in writing these things?


    1. Hello Shimon,

      You’d be surprised how many people are interested and care.
      And no, I do not believe in “neutrality” – not to choose is to choose. The terrorists are not only terrorizing us, they are also terrorizing their own people. I believe that anyone reasonable would want this to stop, for the good of all.

      Wishing you well


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