I promise you, my dearest daughter, this will be the last war…

Israelis are often looked at as a blood-thirsty, war-mongering people. In fact the opposite is true. We hurt ourselves, our people and the sovereignty of our country for the glimmer of a hope for peace.

Israelis are dying for peace. Literally.

The song in this video is from 1975. It is a promise from a father to a beloved child that there will be no more wars. He promises her, in the name of all the soldiers who leave their children, walk out the door to battle, possibly to never return, that this will be the last war. He has to go this time but she can take courage because it will be the last time.

Israeli parents keep promising their children there will be no more wars. It used to be common to promise children: “When you grow up, you won’t have to go to the army. By then there will be peace…”

The children who heard these promises have grown up and have children of their own. They went to the army, lived through terror attacks and wars. They don’t promise their kids peace.

In 2000 Israel withdrew from Lebanon, hoping for peace and her northern border. In 2005 Israel withdrew from Gaza hoping for peace. Today, yet again “peace negotiations” have begun and Israel has been forced to agree to the release of 104 terrorists as a good will gesture to the Palestinian people.

A famous quote (attributed to a number of politicians) reads:
“If the Arabs put down their weapons today, there would be peace tomorrow. If the Israelis put down their weapons, tomorrow there would be no Israel.”

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