My grandmother, the Palestinian

Dvora Marcia, my grandmother, was a Palestinian. I have the documents to prove it.

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My grandmother – taken in Tel Aviv 1933

She went to school in Palestine. She grew up in Palestine. Got married, had two boys and worked with her (first) husband in Irgun Hashomer to protect Jewish land from being stolen by Bedouin. My grandmother worked as head secretary in the Israel Diamond Exchange and served as a liaison between members of Israel’s different underground resistance units, helping them pass messages between each other – all for one purpose… to free Palestine.

From the river to the sea, Palestine must be free!

Free from the British. Free to return to her natural state. To return to being what she always was – Israel, Zion.

My grandmother went to America to lobby for the foundation of the State of Israel. She distributed pamphlets and spoke on the radio. She spoke passionately in front of a number of different audiences, raising money and awareness for the plight of the people of Palestine.

My grandmother was a freedom fighter. Not a terrorist, she was a real freedom fighter, fighting for the right of her people, the Jewish people, to live freely in their homeland.

It was hearing my grandmother speak on the radio that compelled my grandfather to seek her out. He felt he had to meet her. Once I asked him why he, born into a non-practicing Christian family, was interested and so moved by my grandmother’s plea to free Palestine and help the Jewish people rebuild their homeland.

His answer was: “Because I thought that Jewish blood was worth more than Arab oil.”

He then went on to tell me that, when he finally found her, it took him a total of 3 seconds to realize that he had to marry her. It wasn’t long before he did, becoming her second husband.

My grandparents danced in the streets of New York celebrating their joy over the end of the British Mandate and the official establishment of the State of Israel. Shortly afterward, they left America and moved to Israel. My mother was born in Jaffa.

My grandmother, the Palestinian, had an Israeli daughter.

In a time when the world seems to have gone insane, everything is topsy turvy. Black is white, up is down and facts that were once understood by all have now become extremely confusing and too complicated to comprehend.


Palestine is a name given to the Land of Israel for the sole purpose of disconnecting the Jewish people from Judea, from Israel, from Zion. This was done in the 2nd century CE, when the Romans crushed the revolt of Shimon Bar Kokhba (132 CE) and gained control of Jerusalem and Judea which was renamed Palaestina in an attempt to minimize Jewish identification with the land of Israel. After World War I, the name “Palestine” was applied to the territory that was placed under British Mandate; this area included not only present-day Israel but also present-day Jordan. Leading up to Israel’s independence in 1948, it was common for the international press to label Jews, not Arabs, living in the mandate as Palestinians.

Words give meaning and form to reality, thus names are of vast importance. It is obvious that Jews belong in Judea, but who belongs in Palestine?

Palestine is and always was, a politically motivated name. It is a name that is meant to denigrate and destroy the Jewish connection to her homeland.

If you will – calling Israel, “Palestine” is the original hate speech.

And today, out of nowhere, there suddenly is a new people called “Palestinians” and they are demanding “Palestine” for themselves. And most people in the world go along with this story, furthering a narrative that is a perversion of history and one that steals and makes a mockery of the efforts my Palestinian grandmother and thousands of others like her to reinstate Palestine to her rightful status of being recognized for who she really is and always was – Israel.

It’s probably the biggest media stunt in the history of the world. And everyone has accepted it. The world has recognized that there is a “Palestinian people” and they no longer mean what this term always meant – Jews.

Any people, the world agrees, has the right to self-determination (unless they are Kurds or Tibetan). Suddenly it becomes reasonable to give “Palestine” to the “Palestinians.”

When Palestine, Texas was named, its founders were not thinking about an Arab nation. Neither were the people of Palestine, Illinois. They were thinking of Zion, the country who America’s founders modeled her after.

The “Palestinian narrative” is one big commercial that the world has swallowed, hook, line and sinker. This is based on the premises that if you repeat a lie enough times people begin to believe it. If enough believe it becomes fact.

But the facts are that there are Jews and there are Arabs. There are Israeli Arabs, Jordanian Arabs, Syrian, Lebanese and Egyptian Arabs. There are Muslim Arabs and Christian Arabs.

Arab “Palestinians” are a nationality invented to facilitate and justify cleansing Jews from Israel.

The “Palestinians” are stealing my history in order to steal my land. Stealing my land is one step before my annihilation. Without Israel, there is no Jewish people. The “Palestinians” are claiming my history as their own. Denying my roots, to deny my future.

Words are powerful. Every single person who uses the terminology as defined by the Arabs who wish to establish the State of Palestine is complicit.

Every time you say “Palestinian” and don’t mean the Jews who were striving to free their land from occupiers you are complicit. Every time you utter the word “Palestine” you are denying my past, my roots and worse, you are denying my future.

You are literally, wiping Israel off the map.

We have all been complicit. It is time to change our language and return to the factual, historical definitions. Before it is too late (if it is not already too late).

It’s really not that complicated. Palestine was always Israel. Palestinians were Jews.

For the love of Zion, my grandmother was a Palestinian.

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  1. So by Israel’s standards she was a terrorist. Just like members of French Resistance, Palestine Resistance, Jewish Resistance in Warsaw Ghetto.


  2. There is a primary historical fact, that must be established now. There has never been, I repeat NEVER been, a civilization, Entity, or a nation referred to as “Palestine” There was never a Palestinian tribe, and there was never a Palestinian country in the Land of Israel to begin with! Israel is not for sale. It is not a pie to be sliced up and served to a clan of killers and their supporters.

    Israel existed 1500 years before Mohammad was born

    Tell us when did it ever belong to Palestinians? Answer Never. It was never a Pal land to begin with, so the poster Gentile points are invalid.
    The Palestinians never governed or controlled any land before 1993.
    To make it simple, please tell me one Palestinian President before 1993?
    Keep thinking?


  3. The Palestinians have nothing to do with the name Palestine.
    The name Palestine is named after the Philistines, not the Palestinians or any Arab group.
    It was certainly not directed or bestowed to the Arabs in this area.

    The Philistines were from Crete in Europe and came to Israel 3000 years ago and were not Arabs or Muslims. Delilah and Goliath were Philistines. (Philistines died out.) Philistine is the name the Romans renamed Israel as a chagrin against the Jews.

    Yassir Arafat was not a Philistine, but an ARAB born in Egypt. Philistine originates from the Hebrew verb Palash, which means to invade. So the Arabs who started to call themselves Palestinians in the late 60′s are invaders and they want to create an Invadia state.


  4. Thank you so very much for your post, Forest Rain.
    Most of the comments on it, with the exception of authorpaulafriedman, Peter, Iya and Gentile, contain additional pertinent information as well.

    I find that a lot of “palestinian” apologists completely leave out the nearly 500 years of Ottoman Empire rule, when the neighborhood was known as South Syria.

    I lived in Israel as an adult from 1973-1987. I was able to track the evolution of the acceptance of the “palestinian narrative” during this time.

    The very first time I heard a reference was the first time I was with a couple of others in the Old City shuk. A kid who’d been left to man a shop while his older relative took a break told us about his older brother who’d been arrested, locked up in the Russian Compound and beaten.

    Then the older relative returned to the shop. He cuffed the kid on the ear and told us that the kid was repeating some nonsense he’d heard from other kids; that none of it was true, and the kid didn’t even have an older brother.

    The older guy was happy that Israel was at the helm because his family was getting services they never had before: on the electrical grid, paved roads and streets, etc.

    So this was just as the rhetoric was beginning to take hold. Even though Arafat tried to begin his ideological argument in ±1964, he could not convince others to go along with him.

    What became perhaps the longest long-con in history began very slowly after the 6-Day War and began to stick just after the Yom haKippur War.


    1. Thank you for your comment and the story. It’s important to share these things. The problem is the well meaning people who out of ignorance or apathy go along, repeat and reinforce the lies. We need to hold on to the truth, our history so that we can be sure to have a future.


  5. Hi, isn’t it funny that not long after having talked about this subject (“Palestinian people”) in the comment section on another page of yours yesterday, I then stumble across this page today. Makes even an old atheist grumblebum like me amusedly think “Coincidence or Cosmic Guidance?” 🙂



  6. Another brain washed arrogant Zionist
    I have a puzzle for you, find me a reference to a place called “Israel” pre 1948 that is not in the Bible.

    The place is called Palestine
    Only referred as Israel in your bible

    You guys do not belong here



    1. First of all it is rather brazen to dismiss the bible as a historical document.
      Secondly it is rude and arrogant of you to leave insulting comments to me on my blog. That is not a way to have a dialogue or prove any point.
      Finally, the references to Israel as the land of the Jews outside the bible are endless – including Arabs, Hitler and the UN. I really have no need to justify my existence or the connection to my land to the likes of you.
      Israel has always been the land of the Jews and when this region was called Palestine it still meant Israel.
      Only the ignorant or purposeful liars believe otherwise. Being ignorant is ok when ignorance is acknowledged and there is a willingness to learn. People who prefer to choose lies and hate are free to stew in their own juice. Enjoy.

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    2. Hey Gentile! I’m a gentile atheist tattooed baldie telling you that your uneducated, unmannered comment is ugly and unwelcome. 3,000 years ago would classify as being “pre 1948”, wouldn’t you agree? Well then, google Merneptah Stele and learn something!!!



    3. So by your reasoning, neither Jordan or Iraq should exist either, plus a few other countries that evolved since the end of the last war. I could go into a heap of information to set you right in many ways, but why should I do the work for you. Time to o stop spouting clichese and do some historic research on histories of all post war countries, educate yourself.


      1. If you actually understood how disconnected the lines drawn by Sykes-Picot were from the people living in the Middle East you would be much wiser. And understand ISIS.
        This however has nothing to do with the fact that Palestine has always meant Zion which is, of course, Israel.


  7. This piece is an excellent example of Hasbara propaganda. Your writing has neglected to include that Palestinians; Muslim, Jew and Christian alike lived peacefully under Islamic rule. The “state of Israel” was not formed peacefully at all, but in the blood from the massacre and expulsion of the indigenous people of that land. How right people have been to equate it to South Africa in the comments above. The blatant racism and hatred shines through! I am South African and entirely offended by the misleading historical narrative represented here. Despite your attempts at distortions of fact. The world sees Apartheid Israel for what it is – a terrorist state. Do not call it the “jewish state” because true jews do not support the zionist regime. So says Israeli organizations like Breaking The Silence; Jews for a Just Peace and the Naturei Karta as well as prominent academics such as Noam Chomsky; Norman Finkelstein and Miko Peled. More importantly, Nelson Mandela said South Africa will always stand with our Palestinian brothers and sisters in Gaza and the West Bank – Zionism is racism and it will fall.

    Nice try Hasbara Troll


    1. People that resort to offensive language as you have done here, reveal the weakness of their position. Is it impossible for you to question and learn without spewing hate?

      Sadly you are woefully ignorant of the facts, historical and current. Everything I have written is pure fact. Your statements are nothing but anti-Semitic lies, with no connection to the truth or reality. Don’t put your hate in my mouth.

      I find it revolting that you would compare the horrors of apartheid to anything in Israel. It is insulting and demeaning to everyone who has suffered under apartheid.

      Israel is a sanctuary in a sea of oppression, to all her citizens – including Arab Israelis. The Arabs of Gaza and Judea and Samaria also prefer to work in Israeli owned companies and deal with Jews because they are treated much better by us than their fellow Arabs. But why am I telling you this, you have no knowledge of the truth and are so blinded by hate to be able to recognize what truth is.

      I dare you to visit Israel and see for yourself.
      I bet you aren’t brave enough to learn that you are hating on the wrong people.
      I bet you aren’t brave enough to admit you have made a terrible mistake.
      I dare you.
      This is the first step. Learn from someone who knows what apartheid is and what Israel is:

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      1. Inspirational. The story of your grandmother needs to be told over and over. She was a real hero. The Jewish people have only one land whereas the Arabs have at least 21 countries- Am Yisroel Chai!


    2. I think you’ll find that the Jews are the indigenous people of the region. It is the first time in history that an indigenous people reclaimed their land from an invader.

      The U.N. ( not an Israeli loving group)defines an indigenous people as having a) continuously occupied ancestral lands, b) common ancestry with original occupants, c) a distinct common culture, d) a distinct language, e) a religion that emphasizes spiritual ties to the land, and f) a genetic connection to a specific people.
      For a good article on same

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  8. Indeed.
    Well written and historically accurate.
    A thought, not to take away from your entirely valid reasoning, but a thought to ponder –
    Would any of what has been going on for the last 100 years with the Jews and Israel (not to mention everything else) be conceivable if this were not the Hand of Hashem?
    Would any of Jewish history altogether be remotely plausible without the Hand of G-d?


      1. Indeed.
        I was also referring to some of the extreme “difficulties” we have faced, particularly in our modern age, since the haskalah…


  9. Unfortunately by being flexible we gave the enemy a false narrative that is working against us
    Time to say no more to the Palestine lie. NO MORE CONCESSIONS.


    1. It is not the enemy from without that is ruining us (they may kill us but they cannot ruin us). It is the enemy from within, the over-sensitivity and bending over backwards to prove we are worthy that has caused the world to lose their respect for Israel. The world respected Israel when she was proud. When she declared her freedom. Now we are encouraging a different people to take our story, which will eventually allow them to take our future. This must not be. We must stop enabling this – and the first step is to stop using the term “Palestinian” and mean Arabs.


  10. My great-grandparents were born in Syria in the late 1800’s (in Yafo!). My grandfather was born in Palestine in about 1908 (in Jerusalem!) My great-grandparents had spent some time in Russia and then settled in Egypt. They travelled freely between Egypt and Palestine. Eventually my grandfather’s brothers came to the US and the majority of my father’s generation were born in the US.
    We have the documentation to prove they were born in Lower Syria and Palestine as Jews. When my Lower Syrian Great-grandparents immigrated to the US they were classified as “colored”.

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    1. Unfortunately I don’t have the radio broadcast, only my grandfather’s memory of hearing my grandmother and the passion with which she spoke.


  11. As a schoolboy after ww2 when we the jewish people were trying to settle in our ancient land then called Palestine the brittish who then occupied our land and who we were trying to get passed to enter the ancient lands of our people were stopping us at sea and sending us back to Europe where the holocaust had taken place, This of course resulted with the jews in what was then called Palestine fighting the English occupiers so we the jewish people could again live in our own state which was ours by birthright; English soldiers unfortunately were often killed in this conflict resulting in a great deal of anti Semitism against us british born jews; I can remember with great clarity the fights we the jewish children were subjected to at school in the playgrounds and in the streets during those awful times the war cry of the bullies was jewboy go back to Palestine we don’t want you here our reply was always get your thugs out of there then we will return to the lands of our forefathers .Which many of us did it was then the arabs after the british left tried to steal in true Islamic fashion our land which we had regained

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    1. “Unfulfilled lacking loyalty selfish my side of the stories that suit me”
      Most of you may live 100 years and pass on you’re mystical beliefs to generation after generation

      Dying for you’re past and present history


  12. My cousins were born in Tel Avive in Palistine in the 1920s. At that time there were Jewish Palistinians and Arab Palistinians. The word Palistine at that time warmed our hearts because this was a country that connected us to our roots. Jews there had a common language, culture and curency (the Shekel) from biblical times. The Arab Palistinians never had a currency of their own. They are kin to the Arab Jordanians, Arab Iraqis, etc. The Jews claim no other place.


  13. Such a sharing is monumental to theJewish right to the disputed lands.just like those who deny the own mother an Irish women worked through the blitz of London England taking care of children and families who escaped another regime when we sa never again we mean never again.Am Israe Chai.


    1. Thank you very much John! It is moving to read your words. What a wonderful example your mother set!.
      I hope you are and will teach others what you know and understand. Never again is now.

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    1. Who is talking about discriminating nationalism? We are talking about national pride. The two are very far apart.
      Israel is one of the few countries in the world where absolutely anyone can succeed if they work hard enough, no matter what race/religion/gender they are or what their socio-economic background is. Arab Israelis have risen to prominence in all walks of life and there are even Muslim Arabs that proudly serve in the IDF (there are a number of posts on this blog about that).
      France is for the French, Spain is for the Spanish, Italy is for the Italians. Zion is Israel (not Palestine) and Israel is for the Israelis many of whom are not Jewish. There is no problem with this as long as it is understood that Israel is the homeland of the Jewish people – in the past, present and future.
      People around the world like to talk about discrimination in Israel but the truth is that Israel is the only country in the Middle East where women, Christians and gay people are safe. Israel is actually a shining example of inclusiveness, opportunity and freedom the whole world can learn from. All that’s needed is for people to actually look at our reality rather than the twisted versions portrayed by the international media.

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    1. Thank you! Please feel free to share and delve in to my other writings. People should see Israel as she truly is, not what is portrayed in the media.


    1. Thank you for your kind words Leah and thanks for sharing! Please come back for more 🙂
      I believe the stories of Israel are relevant for everyone, including those who are not Jewish or don’t care at all about Israel. The lessons of love, courage, overcoming unbeatable odds, heroism and kindness in the face of hatred and terror are universally relevant.


  14. European Jews came to Israel as early as 1881, Sepharadic mainly from Yemen came in 1882. My father was born in Israel in 1921. in 1860 the only doctor in Hebron was Jewish. Back then there were dozens of arabs living there. Arabs came to Israel by thousand to find work and to escape their homeland. They were hopping to prosper off the Jews. It was only later jealousy has developed into gentic hate


  15. Well, I knew two people descended from people whom the Turks allowed to resettle in the space between the Jordan and the Med: one descended from 19th century Bosniaks who didn’t want to live under the Christian Austro-Hungarian Empire, the second had people forcibly expelled from the Aragon and Castille of Los Reyes Catolicos in the late 15th century. Because of current perceptions and rhetoric, the first is “indigenous”, the second a “settler”. Go figure.

    And never mind the small Mustarib Jewish population that had been in ‘Eretz Yisroel as well.


  16. This is an issue to be clarified by statesman, declaring w. proper documents the meaning of Palestine and Palestinian.
    My father came to visit Palestine in 1938, and was regarded without doubt that it is a Jewish state. Only recently we hear frequently that the Arabs proclaim that is their land.


    1. Actually this issue was dealt with by statesman and there is “proper documentation” however, interestingly, when it comes to Jews everything is a question, everything can be negotiated. I wonder why that is?
      The real answer to this is:
      1) Our history is not up for questioning. The reasons this land was called Palestine are known and it is the same reason some people are using that word today.
      2) Our religious beliefs (on which the other two major religions were founded) are not up for discussion
      3) And as any other nation on earth would put it – there was a war (actually multiple wars), we won. Get over it.

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  17. The fourth president of Israel was a Palestinian. Golda Meir, her sister, and her husband moved to Palestine in 1921 — before Israel existed.


  18. My late in laws were also “Palestinian” so to speak, but they didn’t consider themselves to be. They were simply Jews living in the Yerushalayim. They came to the US because it was hard to make a living in the country of their birth in the early part of the 20th century. long before Israel was declared a state. They never called themselves Palestinians and revisited their homeland on a regular basis. I have a video of them there in 1927.

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  19. You’re exactly right. Prior to the 2nd half of the 20th century (one can quibble if after 1948 or 1964 or 1967), “Palestine” was the Latin/European name for Eretz Yisrael, the land of Israel. This is why the Mandate to re-establish the Jewish state was the “Palestine Mandate”.

    The 1911 Encyclopaedia Britannica puts it this way:

    || Palestine: A geographical name of rather loose application. Etymological strictness would require it to denote exclusively the narrow strip of coast-land once occupied by the Philistines, from whose name it is derived. It is, however, CONVENTIONALLY USED AS A NAME FOR THE TERRITORY WHICH, IN THE OLD TESTAMENT, IS CLAIMED AS THE INHERITANCE OF THE PRE-EXILIC HEBREWS

    Maps from the 15th century to the 19th century equate “Palestine” with the “Holy Land” and “Israel & Juda”, subdivided into the Jewish tribal areas. Incidentally including Trans-Jordan and southern Lebanon.

    How odd that the Arab “Palestinians” were defined exactly by 20th century borders drawn by Europeans, eh? Arabs in southern Rafah became Egyptians, their cousins north of the Sinai border… “Palestinians”? Those in Trans-Jordan in 1920 were “Palestinians”, but suddenly in 1923 they weren’t? (How is Nayef Hawatmeh, founder of the PFLP and DFLP, born to a Jordanian Bedouin Christian tribe in the 1930s, a “Palestinian”?)

    The irony deepens when you consider that the Arabs in what became Mandate Palestine at the time (circa 1920) considered it part of Syria, wanting to be ruled by Faisal, not the British. OnceFaisal was deposed by the French, the focus shifted not to an independent Arab Palestine (there was no such consciousness) but to a pan Arab state.

    Throughout the Mandate period (ending in 1948), the Arabs denied there was a “Palestine” or “Palestinians”, claiming these were Zionist inventions. They were ruled by the ARAB High Committee. In contrast, the Palestine Mule Corps, Palestine Post, Palestine Brewery, Palestine Bank, Palestine Brigades… were Jewish organizations.

    After rejecting the 1947 UN Partition compromise, the Arabs threatened to destroy Israel in a “momentous massacre” and throw the Jews into the sea. Failing to do so and steal (again) the Jewish homeland for themselves, they stole the name.

    King Abdullah I, upon gaining independence in 1946, wanted to name his country not “Trans-Jordan” but “Palestine”. The British wouldn’t have it. Consider how different world perceptions might be if today there already was a n Arab Palestine (not called Jordan) on nearly 80% of the original Mandate Palestine territory?

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    1. Once again, thank you. I must say you have stamina to take on the imbeciles and try to educate them. I suppose when you have truth on your side, and historic facts, it helps.


      1. Thank you for your kind words. It certainly does help. An age is called dark not because the light refuses to shine but because people refuse to see.
        Israel is a light on to the nation. We have the role models and heroes others are looking for. We give knowledge, technology and life savings services to people in need everywhere in the world, always striving to make the world a better place. We will not stop because people hate us. We will not stop because people don’t appreciate us, don’t see the magnificence. We are what we are. Kings never die.


  20. What I would hope is that the people born in the land, whatever name they take for themselves or their ancestors, and especially those whose parents and/or grandparents were both there too, may all be seen as citizens with equal rights there. However, there having been huge work and settlement by refugees and huge commitment from several generations now to forming Israel there, a state run on a basis of Jewish/secular law combined, we need to support that state, were it only because no other Jewish state exists; yet nevertheless those of Arab background (who call themselves Palestinians) who are or descend (in whole or in part) from the Arab-bacground Palestinians who were or felt forced to leave in what is called the Nakhba MUST receive either their homes back or full reparations; that is only fair.
    And then the land should probably best be divided into two states, quite possibly with some bits of Jordan added, the one for those who identify as Israelis, the other for those who consider themselves Palestinian Arabs–the land to be divided very, very appoximately in accord with the just-pre-June-1967 borders but with enough extra land (NOT the whole way to the Jordan R.) to add a bit of security for the Israeli state, and with the Palestinian no divided into 2 or more separate bits and pieces but fully viable—so that both nations may thrive. Given the hostilities between the two peoples after over 50 years’ hostilities, a single state for both seems unlikely to work; it did for South Africa, but obviously South Africans, black and white, were less trigger-happy than the Israel-Palestinian cultures.


    1. I’m sure you mean well however your ideas simply don’t and won’t work in reality. Been there, done that.
      When you give Arabs land they don’t turn it in to a source of bounty for their people – see Sinai and Gaza. They are good examples of the results of the land for peace equation. Israel has tried this over and over, we are willing to do anything for peace, including causing great damage to ourselves (as in the Disengagement from Gaza) but reality teaches that the results are only more terror, desolation and the people preferring for the Israelis to come back. Not because they love us but because at least with Israelis in charge there is order and there is opportunity to work and thrive.
      And the bottom line is – the Arabs that call themselves Palestinian do not want a state next to Israel, they want a state instead of Israel (have you seen the maps the PLO uses?!). Their Palestine is our destructions and all the good intentions and the (condescending) attitude of “children you should share the toys” simply does not work.

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      1. Yes. I suggest people take a look at what Caroline Glick has to say. She writes for the JPost and is on FB, etc. Not sure why the only people in the entire world who are “due” reparations for war THEY’VE caused are the so called “Palestinians.” probably bc they’ve waged the most effective propaganda war against the Jews and even the Jews believe it!


      2. Well said! I don’t understand why people think Israel’s history, legacy, birthright can be questioned. Our people have the longest reign of all other nations. And we have the “documents” to prove it – everything from the bible to UN resolutions to war regained territory and custodianship earned land.


    2. Hello Paula,

      I do not know you or your background, but from your words it is certainly evident that you do not know the facts about the more than a century old Jewish / Arab conflict in Israel.

      When you talk about “equal rights” between citizens – you’re probably not aware of the fact that Israel is the only place in the Middle East where there is full equality between all citizens, regardless of religion, race, color and worldview.

      When you mention what you are calling the “Naqba”, you are ignoring all the circumstances and causes that brought the Arab population to leave their homes – it was because they lost the war they had started, so they were sure, as is customary in their culture (and carried out to date in their countries …) that the victorious army would slaughter the men, rape the women and children, blow up the houses of worship and so on. Of course the Jews did not behave this way.

      Another fact you are ignoring is the persecution and pogroms against the Jews in Arab countries, which has caused hundreds of thousands of Jews to flee from Arab lands to the only country in the world where they could emigrate, the only country that would take them in with open arms. These Jews left behind homes, property and large sums of money when they fled for their lives.

      The solution you are offering of a divided state, the proposed boundaries and small “concessions” is not applicable or viable. Unfortunately, although you seem very free with your advice, much of your words show that you are far from knowledgeable about the aspects of the conflict and that’s a shame, but what is even more shameful is that you are so confident in proposing such fanciful solutions.

      Your statement in which you describe both Israelis and Palestinians as being “trigger-happy” is the most outrageous of all your comments and shows how unfamiliar you are with the reality on the ground. This is extremely arrogant and completely unrealistic terminology.

      In conclusion you should know that the so called “Jewish-Arab conflict” in Israel is not dependent on any territories “taken” from Arabs. It is not about territory at all and it isn’t even between Jews and Arabs. The conflict is about the differences between Arab/Islamic and Western/Jewish culture and the resulting differences in education of future generations. No land for peace appeasement agreements can solve this issue. Change will come only when it is completely and deeply understood that Israel is the homeland of the Jewish people and the education of the next generations is changed accordingly.

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    3. What about the Jewish Nakba? An equal number of Jews were expelled from the Arab countries surrounding Israel in 1948. Forced to leave and leave their businesses and belongings behind. Forced to buy their way out. About 800,000 Jews.
      The Arabs have rejected every single two-state solution that they have been offered. Starting in 1947. Land for peace DOES NOT WORK. Any territory in proximity to Israel becomes a staging ground for rocket fire and terror tunnels.
      You have to educate yourself and start thinking, Friedman, really thinking. You can start by reading, “From Time Immemorial” by Joan Peters, a comprehensive, meticulously researched and notated REAL history of the area in question.
      Joan Peters was a supporter of the “Palestinians” to begin with, she was a journalist, with a focus on the middle east and she had been to the region many times. Gradually her eyes were opened and she started doing source research in Britain, seven years of research regarding the history of Jews and Palestine/Israel, and she was surprised to unravel the entire narrative, the land myth that Arabs have created. And yes they believe in it by now. But you don’t have to. You can learn the truth if you care to.


    4. @ authorpaulafriedman
      Do you really think that South Africa is doing so well now that the shoe is on the other foot? I believe that Johannesburg was the rape capital of the world until Sweden supplanted it. I’m amused and impressed that you have all the answers about how to settle the dust of seventy years.
      Just like that! Give ’em money, give ’em land, and that ought to do it! “Palestinians” have received BILLIONS in handouts, much of which was grafted off by their leaders, but then again they did vote for Hamas.
      Instead of being professional victims, isn’t it time these people did something useful with the opportunities they are given? Why are these people like the red-headed stepchild of the surrounding Arab nations? Answer that and you will have half your answer right there,
      Israel left Gaza. Was there something wrong with that? Why did they smash the greenhouses? As well, Gaza is waterfront property. I lived in Vegas for nine years. 20 different resorts! If the Arabs don’t have the wherewithal to run and staff a casino, they could easily have leased the properties. I mean if it was against their religion as well.
      Israel gave them thousands of gallons of concrete. They could have built infrastructure — hospitals, schools, libraries, but NO, they built the death tunnels.
      What were Jews given in 1948? A chance, a long shot. These people did the superhuman task of reclaiming raw desert and draining swamps. It is the miracle of the 21st century.
      You cannot just GIVE someone a country. The people who have a forgery of an identity as Palestinians don’t have a cohesive economy, a unified government, nor even a self-identity that isn’t just a juxtaposition against their implacable hatred of Jews and all things Jewish.
      It’s not about land. IT. IS. NOT. ABOUT. LAND.
      It’s about hate. You cannot respond to a people’s desire to KILL you by being “kind” to them.
      First you have to be strong. Once they are a beaten people a vanquished enemy, THEN you can help them. Like America did to for the Axis forces in the aftermath of WW2.
      Right now the Arabs are winning the propaganda war. And there is a frenzy of violence and terrorism in Israel. You think it’s about land? Really?
      The land they want is Israel. All of it.

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    5. Very foolish. The Arabs are not owed reparations for not succeeding in “driving the Jews into the sea”. There is no justification for allowing people who would have seen us murdered back in.

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    6. I am curious to know why you consider the 1967 “borders” to be so important?

      Because they weren’t actually borders – they were armistice lines, the place where the army of the newly born state of Israel manages to stop the combined armies of 5 Arab nations, who nonetheless managed to illegally occupy Judea, Samaria, and Gaza, and ethnically cleanse them of Jews.

      You see, borders are determined by treaties, or similar international agreements. And the last such agreement regarding those territories was the Palestine Mandate, which, in its final form, allocated the part of “Palestine” that was East of the Jordan River to the Arabs, to become what we know call Jordan, and it allocated the land West of the Jordan River to the Jewish State, which went by the colonial name “Palestine” until it achieved independence, and changed the name back to Israel (the subject of the article). [SIDE NOTE: The Arab portion, which became Jordan, was roughly 78% of the mandate lands, while the Jewish portion was about 22%. The UN later tried to further divide the SMALLER piece, and take MORE of it away from the Jewish people, to give to the Arabs, but the ARABS refused the offer, because they would not agree to ANYTHING less than 100% of the land.]

      Jordan and Egypt had ZERO legal right to occupy those lands, or to massacre or evict the Jews who lived there, but they did.

      And in the 19 years that Egypt ruled Gaza, and Jordan ruled Judea and Samaria, there was NEVER a call for a separate state of “Palestine” for “Palestinian Arabs”. Perhaps because there was no such people as the “Palestinian Arabs” back then. They were simply Arabs, no different than those in Jordan, the other part of the Palestine Mandate.

      A famous quote, for those who follow the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict:

      “There are no differences between Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese. We are all part of one nation. It is only for political reasons that we carefully underline our Palestinian identity… yes, the existence of a separate Palestinian identity serves only tactical purposes. The founding of a Palestinian state is a new tool in the continuing battle against Israel”. (*) Zuhair Muhsin, military commander of the PLO and member of the PLO Executive Council

      Now, I will acknowledge that the Arab “Palestinians” are, at this point, a separate group, after decades of being treated as pariahs and political pawns by their Arab brethren. At this point, they have a basis to see themselves as separate from Jordanians, since Jordan stripped them of citizenship after Yasser Arafat tried to assassinate the king of Jordan.

      But why does that magically entitle them to some of ISRAEL’s land? Why not part of the 78% that was allocated to the Arabs of the Palestine Mandate???

      And if you insist on reparations for those Arabs who voluntarily fled Israel, at the urging of the Arab leaders, back in 1948, then what of reparations for the 850,000 Jews who were forcibly evicted from Arab-ruled lands at the same time, in retribution for the birth of Israel?

      Or did you not even know that the REAL ethnic cleansing happened just about everywhere in the Middle East EXCEPT in Israel, which still has about a 20% Arab minority???

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  21. This is a clear essay on the use and mis-use of the term “Palestine” and its origins. No matter how positive you are that you know it all, just read this and maybe somethings will fall into place and you will see how false the claim of a Muslim history in Israel (formerly named “Palestina” by haters of Jews.

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    1. Thank you for sharing this information Marcella. Calling Israel Palestine is the original hate speech. Israeli Arabs are just that, not a seperate nation.

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    1. Hello Joanne, you can look me up on Facebook. There, I post additional things that along with my writings on this blog, show a more accurate and complete picture of what / who Israel really is.


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