Yom Kippur Snapshot

October 1973, Ramat Gan, Israel. Mother and daughter had not seen each other for over two decades. It was before the internet, skype or any form of easy communication. Even calling overseas was a big deal then. It’s hard for me to imagine how they felt. My grandmother was a non-effusive, very practical person. I’m … More Yom Kippur Snapshot

Jewish Rights to Israel (Part 2): Israel’s Nation State Law

Israel’s system of Basic Laws is kind of weird. There is a saying in Israel that the things that are temporary are the ones that are most permanent and that is how we ended up with Basic Laws rather than a constitution. The Israeli Declaration of Independence stated that a formal constitution will be formulated … More Jewish Rights to Israel (Part 2): Israel’s Nation State Law

Jewish Rights to Israel (part 1): Declaration of Independence

Once Jewish rights to Israel were obvious. Even those who had no connection or sympathy to Zionism knew where Jews came from, about Jewish connection to the Holy Land. To top it off, Jew haters often demanded Jews “go home to Palestine.” Then everyone knew that Palestine was just another name for Zion. Now, somehow, … More Jewish Rights to Israel (part 1): Declaration of Independence

We are Ari Fuld

Tonight, Israel mourns the loss of one of her great lions. This morning I wished him G’mar Chatima Tova, the blessing customary before Yom Kippur – may you be inscribed in the Book of Life. Shortly afterward I discovered that a terrorist had murdered him. This leaves each and every one of us with a … More We are Ari Fuld

Remembering Munich

At the Munich Olympics of 1972, less than three decades after the Holocaust, Jews were murdered on German soil – because they were Jews. Because they were Israelis. The Olympics has historically been a place of peace where even warring nations could come together and compete in the sports arena, rather than on the battlefield. … More Remembering Munich