Thousands of generations I dreamt of you, Jerusalem

As Israel prepares for Yom Yerushalayim, Jerusalem Day, celebrating the victory of the Six Day war that freed East Jerusalem from Jordanian occupation and returned Jewish sovereignty over the Temple Mount I keep hearing in my mind Yehoram Gaon describing the terror of the Yom Kippur war when Israelis did not know if the young … More Thousands of generations I dreamt of you, Jerusalem


“Hero” is an overly used, often inappropriately used word. Tzur Alfi was a hero. For two years Tzur prepared himself, training to be able to join one of the premier elite IDF units – Airborne Rescue and Evacuation Unit 669, a combat search and rescue extraction unit. The unit participates in extraction of IDF soldiers (including … More Hero

Operation Thunderbolt

I did not watch “Seven Days in Entebbe” and I don’t intend to. When the trailer came out my first reaction was excitement. This story is one of the best, breathtaking, exciting, moving, against-all-odds, adventure stories I have ever heard and, best of all – it’s real. And it’s OURS. My second reaction to the … More Operation Thunderbolt