The Hebrews of Hebron

When people think of visiting Israel, few consider going to Hebron. The city is depicted as contentious, dangerous and unpleasant. It is associated with “Occupation,” poverty and apartheid. Who would want to go there? Even most Israelis don’t consider Hebron a place they would want to visit, much less live. This reality ironic, considering the … More The Hebrews of Hebron

Intersectionality and the Jews

Background: Advocates of intersectionality are increasingly, publicly, rejecting Jewish participation in their dialogues and activities. The idea that rejecting Jews based on their Jewish identity is becoming socially acceptable is highly disturbing. Much has been written on this subject, particularly following examples where groups advocating for intersectional solidarity rejected Jewish participation. One of the better-known … More Intersectionality and the Jews

Why are so many Jews ignoring the holiday of Shavuot?

Receiving the Torah is one of the most important things that happened in the history of the world, not just for the Nation of Israel but for all Nations who accepted the 10 Commandments as the definitive guideline for a moral and decent society – and a stark contrast to other societies who did not … More Why are so many Jews ignoring the holiday of Shavuot?

Is Facebook purposely building an anti-Semitic community?

Last night I discovered that I had been banned from posting on Facebook. The reason? A post I wrote, on my own timeline, in response to this video. I had questions for Mr. Johnson regarding his statement towards the end of the video: “but also, of course, respect for the suffering and injustice experienced by … More Is Facebook purposely building an anti-Semitic community?