Operation Thunderbolt

I did not watch “Seven Days in Entebbe” and I don’t intend to. When the trailer came out my first reaction was excitement. This story is one of the best, breathtaking, exciting, moving, against-all-odds, adventure stories I have ever heard and, best of all – it’s real. And it’s OURS. My second reaction to the … More Operation Thunderbolt

To be a free Nation, in our land, the Land of Zion and Jerusalem

Standing on the top of the hill, I looked out at the beautiful land stretched before me. Suddenly I felt my body vibrating. Looking up, I saw the guardians of Israel thundering across the sky. IAF fighter jets. It was Holocaust Memorial Day and they were practicing for the Independence Day aerial show. How suitable. … More To be a free Nation, in our land, the Land of Zion and Jerusalem

Free Gaza

It’s been a little over a week since the riots in Gaza began. We’re promised riots every week, till May 14th, the date commemorating Israel’s Declaration of Independence in 1948. When I wrote this, new riots were massing on the border (the great tire demonstration). Last Friday was the grand opening of the “March of Return”. … More Free Gaza

Warriors of the Mind

They came one by one, sometimes in pairs. Quietly they entered the auditorium. Unassuming people, you might not notice if you passed in the street. No external factors could alert you to the fact that these are elite warriors of the mind. The Hasby Awards, under the auspices of famous blogger Elder of Ziyon, honor … More Warriors of the Mind