The Emperor’s New Clothes

In the story of the emperor’s new clothes a talented liar convinces the emperor to purchase new clothes (at an exorbitant price). The clothes were nonexistent but the emperor, because of his vanity and arrogance allowed himself to be bamboozled into strutting in front of his people wearing – nothing at all. All the people went along with the lie; it was a small child who put an end to the farce, simply by telling the truth: “the emperor has no clothes!”

This weekend I watched wide eyed Americans report about the manhunt for the Boston bombers.

It was a long time before I heard the word “terrorist”.

There seemed to be a lot of confusion. Why would people from Chechnya attack Americans? Could they possibly be angry at America for supporting Russia?  

The American news commentators asked:  “How could it be that immigrants we took in and gave all the benefits America has to offer would attack us?” It seemed like they were saying, “After we’ve been so nice, why would they be so mean to us?”

Naiveté is usually considered a cute characteristic but grown-ups who make a habit of ignoring reality are something else entirely.

These hurt and confused people are the same ones who automatically repeat the litany: “Islam is a religion of peace.” Of course they are confused.

The terror attack in Boston had nothing to do with Russia and everything to do with Islam.

All things considered, it wasn’t a very successful attack. Thank God. Many more people and much more damage could have easily been done. It is easy to wreak havoc on a people who have their eyes wide shut.

From here it seems that it was the reaction of the government that spread terror more than the attack itself.

I can’t imagine Israel going into lockdown every time a terrorist is on the loose. Here, life does not stop. Our security forces warn everyone and go out looking in full force, searching until the terrorist is caught. Often it is civilians who stop the terrorist. Although stress and tension levels rise and everyone is on alert – life does not stop.

One young terrorist brought America to a standstill, a town under lockdown. Armored vehicles rolled through the streets, manned by troops in battle gear – in a town in America.

Yes the emperor has lovely new clothes. Of course Islam is a religion of peace and this one young man probably has a disturbed mind. We should do research on his brain to see what causes terrorism…   

“Love thy neighbor as thyself” is a basic tenant of Judaism. And Christianity.  Islam has jihad.

I’m not saying all Moslems are terrorists. Far from it. However it must be said that the so called “silent majority” are, in their silence, complicit with those that scream for “death to the infidels”. Choosing not chose, staying silent, not resisting is at the bottom line – agreeing.

Refusing to see reality is dangerous. Although sometimes unpleasant, it is much safer to deal with the real world than some fantasy that will unexpectedly blow up in your face. Literally.

Truth is the key to freedom. The price of staying “asleep” is too high.

Tell everyone. The emperor is naked! 




5 thoughts on “The Emperor’s New Clothes

  1. Great article! USA and European Governments are blind or choose not to see. They are endangering the future of their populations by their ‘naiveté’ and ‘political correctness’ of Islam. Worse still their attitudes are actually encouraging and strengthening the ISLAMIC TERRORIST COMMUNITY who only understand strength. Time for people to demand their Governments to face the facts and tell the good Islamists out loud that they are just as responsible for every lost limb or death!


    1. Thanks for your comments. I believe the truth begins at home – we need to speak it and make sure our media, academia do as well. Unfortunately, it’s not “just” the politicians.


  2. Excellent article! Political correctness is bringing the USA down, and quickly. The religion of “pieces” has become immune to criticism, lest one be accused of “Islamophobia”. One so-called “journalist” stated, immediately after the blast, that he was “praying that the bomber would be a white right-wing American”! What a moron! Even highly-placed governmental officials were “hinting” that it could be the work of “domestic terrorists”, noting that it happened on “tax day”. G-d help us all!


  3. Very well said… Some of us were wondering if there were others who noticed how easily an entire town allowed itself to be locked down by the government over just one teenage terriorist. I think the Emperor is conducting a test case.


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