Let the IDF Win

It’s déjà vu from Operation “Pillar of Cloud” (November 26, 2012)
Here we go, again …

Inspiration from Zion: This is a Love Story

“Let the IDF win” is a rather strange slogan, something I did not understand the first times I heard it.

After Operation “Pillar of Cloud” I understand.

Less a slogan and more a plea, the request is aimed at our politicians, not at our enemies: “Please let our army win. Please do not pull defeat out of the jaws of victory.”

The people of Israel have near absolute faith in the IDF (not absolute because we are an analytical and cynical society but it’s as absolute as it gets in Israel).

The people of Israel believe that the Israeli Defense Force can achieve anything it is directed to achieve. It may be difficult and painful, many lives may be lost on the way but ultimately anything can be accomplished.

The world has seen that this is so – the IDF has kept Israel alive through numerous wars, at impossible odds…

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