90 year old scouts troupe in a 67 year old country

Israel has her own version of scouts. Their slogan is also “Be prepared”.

Today I went to a celebration of the 90th anniversary of a Haifa based scouts troupe. I, who dbe preparedid not attend the scouts, watched as the old-timers came, as well as their children and grandchildren – all people who belonged to the troupe. They came with crumpled faces, walking sticks and even a wheelchair, proudly wearing the troupe scarf they were given in the entrance.

Each age group came in, looking for their friends. And they found them. Some people they see often, others people they had not seen in years.

The question in the entrance was: “What year did you finish? 1925? 1950? 1960? 1970? 1980? 1990? 2000?” The kids managing the event were troupe leaders that will finish their leadership in the scouts in 2017.

You might ask: “How is it possible to have a 90 year old scout troupe when the country is only 67 years old?”

In Israel it is possible. Because Jews were in Israel before Israel was officially reinstated as the Jewish State (there were Jewish Scouts in Europe too, before the rise of the Nazis made it impossible to continue). Because wherever there are Jews there is culture. Because frameworks to teach and guide children are given high priority.

Where there is a will there is a way.

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