Liberté, égalité, fraternité

Following the horrific terror attacks in Paris there has been an outpouring of solidarity.

The Israeli Knesset (parliament) flies Israeli flags at half mast and lights up in solidarity with France.
The Israeli Knesset (parliament) flies Israeli flags at half mast and lights up in solidarity with France.

World landmarks have been lit up with the French tricolor, including the Israeli Knesset and the Tel Aviv city hall. Facebook is full of tricolor tinted profile photos, memes about praying for Paris and the hashtag #WeAreParis.

How cute.

While the enemies of liberté are busy terrorizing people into submission we are busy playing with colors.

According to the Islamic State: “Soldiers of the Caliphate set out targeting the capital of prostitution and vice, the lead carrier of the cross in Europe — Paris.” The entertainments of Paris are abhorrent and immoral and part of their duty to God is to shut them down. And in a single night 8 individuals succeed in doing exactly that. No more Eiffel Tower. No more Louvre. No more Disney Land. People afraid to go sit in the cafes or stroll down the Champs Elysées.

What a stunning victory for the Caliphate!

In stark contrast to the single night of horror in Paris, Israel is constantly bombarded by terrorism and attacks on the personal liberty of her citizens: freedom of movement, freedom of religion, freedom to live… Interestingly our nation is never brought to a standstill. While under attack Israelis continue to search for cures for cancer, find ways to irrigate the world and maintain our status as a cultural hub for the world on par with New York, London, Rome or Berlin.

Tel Aviv city hall lit up like the French flag
Tel Aviv city hall lit up like the French flag

Égalité is certainly a noble sentiment. All people are born equal. All lives should be equally valued. Should, but are not. The current outpouring of solidarity with France sends a message not only to the victims of the attacks on Paris but also to the victims of all other acts of terrorism around the world. It seems that French lives matter more.

Nigerian lives don’t matter. It couldn’t possibly be because the victims of Boko Haram’s terror are black, could it?

Yazidi lives don’t matter. Who are those people anyway?

The extermination of Christians in the Middle East doesn’t matter. American Christians are too busy arguing about what’s printed on Starbucks coffee mugs.

Jewish lives certainly don’t matter. Especially not the lives of Israeli Jews. Our very existence is somehow wrong. Judea was named after the Jews that originally lived there but today Jews living in Judea are, according to Europe, according to France, illegal and thus the murder of Israeli parents in front of their children is somehow acceptable.

The Western world likes to differentiate types of Islamic terror and excuse it. “Over there” terror originates from poor living conditions / political motivation / who cares what happens in Africa etc. It is only when terror hits close to home that it becomes something inexcusable that must be fought. There is no égalité.

Except in the eyes of the Islamic State. All kufar, all infidels are equal. All must submit or die. It is true that not all terrorist groups agree with the Islamic State. Some even fight each other (for example Hamas and IS). There is the historical doctrinal argument between the Sunni and Shia and the strategic arguments between different terror organizations on which enemy to fight first and correct battle tactics. The end-game however is the same. The desire to live under sharia law is the same. And they all shout “Allahu Akbar” before killing their enemies.

Égalité. There can be no equality without fraternité. That is why brotherhood is such an important ideal. Without the understanding that all lives matter, no life can truly matter. It’s very nice for all of us to announce that #WeAreFrench or #JeSuisCharlie. It’s sweet. But when, for example, there is no equal fervor for #JeSuisJuif the gesture becomes meaningless. There is no solidarity when the sentiment is one sided.

The people of Israel truly ache when someone else suffers. We know suffering. We feel for the bereaved Parisians. We pray for the swift and complete healing of the wounded. We wish that no one experience the terror and misery that we know so well.

We also wish that someone cared about our suffering.

We do not need anyone to protect our liberté. It would however be refreshing not to be condemned for protecting our liberty. We wish to be treated equally – Israeli lives are just as valuable as French lives. True fraternité would solve everything. We must stop announcing #WeAreFrench or whatever the hashtag of the day is. We are all kufar.

If the nations of the world, those who believe in freedom, united against our common enemy, stopped finding excuses for terrorism and acted on the belief that all lives matter, people worldwide would be much safer.

Colors as a sign of solidarity are very nice. Cute but nothing more. Playing with color filters on Facebook or lighting up buildings has absolutely no impact on the people planning to fundamentally transform our culture and/or exterminate our very existence.

Without fraternité there is no égalité and we will all lose our liberté.

Without unity, those that are unified against us will win. It’s as simple as that.

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