Three things you should know about the terror attack in Har Adar

1. It happened

Those who follow the news about Israel closely will probably have read about the terror attack in Har Adar yesterday morning (Tuesday, Sept 26th) on the Israel related sites you follow. It’s not likely you will hear about it on your news.

While CNN and BBC can go on and on for days about an attack in London that kills no one, Jewish lives, especially if they happen to be Israeli Jews, are less “media worthy”.

Why is that?

The facts are as follows:

  • Har Adar is a small Jewish community (aprox 4,000 residents) located near Jerusalem.
  • The neighboring Arab village, Beit Surik, is under the jurisdiction of the Palestinian Authority and yet many of the residents have work permits that enable them to be legally employed in Israeli territory. A number of them, including the terrorist work in the Har Adar community.
  • The guards at the gate of Har Adar recognized that something was not right about the terrorist and, instead of letting him enter the community like he does almost every day, they ordered him to stop for inspection. That is when he pulled out a gun and shot them at close range.
  • The terrorist murdered three Israelis and wounded a fourth.
    Border Policeman Solomon Gaviriya, from Be’er Yaacov was just 20 years old. A year ago, he had been wounded in a different terror attack and after he healed went back to serve in the same place.
    The two additional murdered Israelis were private guards for the community and identified as Or Arish of Har Adar, 25, and Youssef Ottman (an Israeli Arab) from Abu Ghosh.
    The doctors declared that the community’s security coordinator who had been wounded from the gunshots will be able to regain full health following the surgery done to repair his wounds.
killed at Har Adar
From left to right: Solomon Gaviriya, Youssef Ottman and Or Arish. Can you tell who are the Jews and who is the Arab? It does not matter. All are Israelis, who defended Israelis and who were murdered because they are Israelis.

2. That sick feeling

Israelis tend to be loud and boisterous. Visitors from abroad usually don’t notice that, when there is a news update, the Israelis around them go dead silent. While our visitors blithely continue talking, we are listening. Has anything terrible happened since the last news update?

What you should know about that sick feeling is that I hope it is a feeling you never have. I don’t want you to be able to understand what it is like. 

That sick feeling, I had this morning when I reached for the phone and read the news updates about the terror attack: “Three Israelis murdered in Har Adar”

That sick feeling, I had when I realized that Har Adar is where someone I love is staying right now.

That sick feeling when I turned on the t.v. and heard the details of the attack, of knowing that three people died today. Had they not stood between the terrorist and the community, had they not been alert, it would be other families mourning today. Maybe it would have been me.

That sick feeling when I heard more about the terrorist. He worked in Har Adar. He went there almost every day. The people there knew him and he entered their homes. They talked to him about life in Israel and even about his personal problems. They tried to support him in every way possible, including giving him their own clothes and food to take home, to make his life easier.

It is sickening to know that, despite all of this, these are the people he decided to murder.

Sickening but not surprising.


3. Blood money for dead Jews

Why would a man decide to murder people who employed him, who helped him, who showed him care and compassion, who treated him like a member of their own family?

Jew hate is one explanation. The Arab media, from schoolbooks to songs on the radio to television programs, the way their news is reported etc. is packed with incitement against Jews and Israel. It is no surprise that people told from childhood that those who kill Jews are “martyrs”, heroes, grow up believing that killing Jews is a good thing.

Some become “martyrs” themselves, others celebrate and honor these martyrs. They celebrate, passing out candy, dancing, making posters to honor the killer of Jews.

But even this is not enough of an explanation for yesterday’s terror attack. Often it is hot-headed teenagers and twenty-somethings who, believing the incitement, decide to kill Jews for “glory”.

Yesterday’s terrorist, a 37 year old father of four has a different profile. It’s possible that he was a successful actor, so talented that he convinced the good people of Har Adar that it was ok to let him into their homes, that they didn’t feel his hate when they spoke with him, when they reached out to him with support and compassion. It’s possible but not likely.

Blood money is the driving incentive. The culture of hate made the thought of murdering possible. The promised financial reward is what made murdering Jews reasonable, even smart.

Today’s investigation revealed that the terrorist beat his wife so severely that her family smuggled her away from him, to Jordan. He was left with their four children and his solution was to go kill Jews. This, he knew, would provide his children with ample financial support for life (as well as status in their society). His actions ensure that they receive a steady income, much higher than he could provide, even with the good job he had in Har Adar.

‘Palestinians’ who work for Israeli businesses get a much higher salary and all the social benefits according to Israeli law than they can ever hope to receive working in PA territory. Even so, this cannot compete with the salaries the PA provides for terrorists, prisoners and ‘martyrs’.

pmw2 - martyrs

For example, according to the Middle East Media Research Institute, the allowances for terrorists in Israeli prisons range from $364 (NIS 1,500) a month for a term of up to three years to $3,120 (NIS 13,000) for a term of 30 years and more. There is a monthly $78 supplement for terrorists from Jerusalem and a $130 supplement for Arab Israeli terrorists.

pmw1 - prisoners

When prisoners are released, they get a grant and are promised a job at the Palestinian Authority. They get a military rank that’s determined according to the number of years they’ve served in jail.

They get money for Jewish blood. Blood money.

This money comes from the budget of the Palestinian Authority. That money comes from foreign aid sent by EU countries, the United States etc.

You need to know that if your country is sending foreign aid to the Palestinian Authority, your money, your taxes are blood money for dead Jews.

You are funding our murder.

That is what you need to know.

4 thoughts on “Three things you should know about the terror attack in Har Adar

  1. Given their driving blood lust, which takes in, if not welcomes their own death….is there any form of deterrent that can be put in place to stymie these continued deadly attacks. Perhaps Israel’s power base may have to start thinking outside of the box!


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