Why Israel is called the Holy Land

This past week we in Israel listened to the news of blizzards in other countries, while here we had a taste of summer. It was warm and sunny… beautiful.
This is a beautiful country and when it is warm people go to the beach – yes, in February (which is normally winter in Israel) people went to the beach! Seeing the rush to the beach made me think of an irreverent video I saw once about why Israel is called the Holy Land. I looked it up for you to enjoy as well:

PS If you are too serious to think that was amusing you need to apply to have a humor implant! This does not disparage anyone’s religion or gender.

2 thoughts on “Why Israel is called the Holy Land

  1. Forest,

    I really do not think this is funny or entertaining. I don’t believe this honoring to HaShem.

    It desecrates your website and does not speak well of you.

    The language is very offensive.



    1. Hi Miriam,
      I am sorry you felt offended, that of course, is not the intention at all.
      I believe that God has a well developed sense of humor and I feel deeply that the world would be a better place if we were all a little more accepting and a little less serious.
      I hope you (and anyone else reading my posts) will take away with them the things they feel are beneficial to them, the tools they can use to help and/or eductae others and simply put aside anything that doesn’t speak to them.
      Best wishes, always,


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