Our neighbors know who we are

There are many misconceptions about Israel but our Arab neighbors know who we are. That is why Syrians wounded in the civil war in their country are being taken to the Israeli border and left there for our soldiers to find them. The IDF soldiers transfer the wounded to Israeli hospitals where they receive the same excellent medical care any Israeli would receive – and our doctors have developed expertise from their extensive experience in treating similar wounds…

The Syrians know that Israel will heal whoever is in need. The fact that our countries are political enemies is irrelevant. The wounded might be Syrian soldiers, rebels or civilians caught in the crossfire – it doesn’t matter.

One of the two injured Syrians who were admitted to Safed’s Ziv Medical Center was admitted to Israel with a note from the doctor who gave him first aid on the other side of the border.

The note, which was written in Arabic and addressed to Israeli doctors, includes details about the injured young Syrian’s condition: “To the respectable surgeon hello. The patient, 28, was injured from a bullet that penetrated his chest and caused a fracture in the lungs, as well as from shrapnel that caused damage to the diaphragm and liver.

“The chest has been opened up and the bleeding has been stopped. The abdomen has also been opened up and the bleeding in the liver has been stopped,” the note read. “It is the doctors’ opinion that the abdomen should be opened up to assess the condition of the liver and remove the pressure bandage. Please do what is needed. Thank you in advance.”

The note also detailed the medication that was given to the patient.

Dr. Oscar Embon, director of theZiv Medical Center, said “the surgery the patient underwent in Syria was basic. I don’t know what instruments the doctors who treated him had at their disposal, but the operation apparently saved his life. Here he underwent a second liver operation. We stitched up his diaphragm and drained the chest.”

Note to Israeli doctors

Many people around the world like to shout about Israel, scream apartheid, humanitarian abuses and even war crimes. Reality is in fact very different, but it’s not popular to say that Israel is in fact an inclusive, highly accepting country that protects others from humanitarian abuses – including our Arab neighbors. For some reason it is more popular to ignore the war crimes committed against us and believe that nothing good comes from Israel.

At least our Arab neighbors know the truth…


Few dozens of injured Syrians have been treated in Israeli hospitals over the past few months. Read more about how Israeli doctors are saving Syrian lives here.

14 thoughts on “Our neighbors know who we are

  1. OM[insert initial of the Deity of your choice], we were the only two people having a conversation here.

    Skull to World:
    hasn’t anybody else read this very important article?! Come on people, I’m sure the author would appreciate some feedback.


  2. Your neighbours might know who you are but it doesn’t stop them from doing this:

    I shall refrain from commenting the link. Read it and laugh or weep or scowl or sigh or whatever other expression of emotion it elicits from you. You’ll probably do a bit of all of the above. Dang, I guess I have sorta commented on the link a bit. Oh well, faeces occurs.



  3. is there any way to upload an image file into the comment box? I’d like to show ya the design for my “Judenfreund” patch that I’ve mentioned.


  4. Click the link, do a Ctrl-F for “PEACE TO EVERYONE HERE.”, read my musings and your question should hopefully be answered…


    Keep in mind that it was written Jan 31st – I didn’t begin wearing the flag T’s until early March (I had the “Judenfreund” backpatch manufactured at the start of April). Oh, and I didn’t know about HTML coding for bold & italics back then, so there’s a bit of capitalised “shouting” in the text, because I didn’t know how else to emphasise things. With HTML emphasis the expression “Tolerance and Respect For The Individual” would look like this – “Tolerance and Respect For The Individual” which makes it more obvious that I’m not lumping “Tolerance and Respect” together but, instead, listing “Tolerance” as a separate concept vis-à-vis “Respect For The Individual”.

    PSS (lazy abbreviation 😉 ),
    Ave” from Cranium (I’m feeling a bit Roman today 😀 )


    1. That was a good comment. It didn’t really explain what changed you re Jews and Israel, only that you learned about Islam and saw that the same hate doesn’t come from the Jewish side. I have a feeling there is more to this story…


      1. Umm … yeah … sorry …
        I realise now that my comment at TMI can only serve as a partial answer to your question. Sorry ’bout that. Here’s the “missing information”:

        – I ended up on the mailing lists of the following organisations/people. They’re all respectable but most are portrayed as “Islamophobic hate sites” by various Islamic organisations around the world, both in “the West” (CAIR etc.) and in the Islamic world (of course). All the daily mailings I get from these sites collectively give me an informed “big picture”.

        – I also ended up doing a sticky-beak into the history of the Jewish people and the history of Israel. That’s when I learned the enormity of the “Palestinian people” hoax and realised that I’d spent over two decades “supporting” (in thoughts and attitude only, don’t worry) a people who didn’t exist as an official entity until the Jews returned to the Jewish homeland and established the modern nation-state of Israel (btw, a punny comeback when the Jewish state’s right to exist is challenged/denied is “ISRAEL ISREAL” 😉 ). The Arabs had been offered their own state (in the geographical region known as Palestine) by the UN in 1947, to coexist with a Jewish state. Their answer was “F_ck you if the Jews are gonna be allowed to have their own state! We don’t want the UN’s peaceful two-state solution! We want a one-state solution – for the Arabs!” and one year later five Arab nations attacked Israel the day after it had been officially declared a nation-state. Well, I’m not gonna launch into a history lesson now ’cause I’m sure that you already know all of Israel’s combat history since then. I’ve got a “Palestinian” buddy who moved to Germany in the late seventies and thankfully he’s a rational fellow who knows the historical truth and, more importantly, is decent enough to admit it openly. He’s also told me that the first friend he made in Germany happened to be Jewish – which I think is absolutely great!



      2. The truth shall set us free…
        If only people wanted to see, to learn historical fact. Seems most people would rather remain blind (deaf and dumb)


      3. You wrote “most people would rather remain blind (deaf and dumb)”. Umm, well, I also happen to:
        – be short sighted (contact lenses) blind
        – have a slight hearing impairment … self-inflicted by refusing to ever wear ear plugs during my band days (thrash/death metal) in the previous millennium deaf
        – have spent two years at university, starting two different degrees but not finishing either because I was too busy drinking and drugging like only uni students can and then quitting – to sell Kirby “home maintenance systems” (known as “vacuum cleaners” by people who aren’t selling Kirbys) for a few months dumb
        Am I one of the bad people now? tears welling in my eyes, lips quivering


      4. Woohoo !!! (for me personally anyway … I don’t think it would have worked for Michael Jackson to sing “I’m silly”, whaddaya reckon? 🙂


  5. I wish the entire world knew what your neighbours know. Unfortunately the world seems to prefer to believe the “satanic Nazi Jewstate” bullsh_t. I have to admit (and express my sincerest regrets) that once upon a time I used to let myself be fooled and blinded by the anti-Israel propaganda, and actually believed the lies about “the holocaust that Israel inflicted, and still inflicts, on the Palestinians”. Shame on me back then!



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