My heart cries for Germany

Dear Germany,

Our people will forever be connected. Jews and Germans, Israel and Germany… the actions of your parents and grandparents have created an unbreakable tie between our nations. We are two sides of the same coin.

Today, as a Jew and an Israeli I want to cry for your country, for your culture. In an ironic turn of history, it is I that fears for your future.

The world still marvels, “How is it possible that the most civilized nation on earth, the German people, could commit the atrocities of the Holocaust?” Such a cultured nation, one so industrious and efficient is an obvious leader.

Then you led the people of Europe to follow in your footsteps and copy your crimes. Today you are still the leader of Europe. It is not France, Italy or Spain that sets the tone. It is not even Great Britain. It is you – Germany. Europe looks to you and so does the world. What will Germany do? How will the Germans respond? We want Germany

Now that there is a “refugee” crisis, your nation has opened its arms wide, as if swallowing the influx of people swarming in to your land, paying for them and adapting to their way of life will atone for the crimes of your fathers and grandfathers. In actuality, you have flung your arms wide to embrace the hara-kiri blade.

The people you are inviting in to your land are not those that truly fleeing the atrocities of the Islamic State or of the war in Syria. Those whose lives are in endanger, those whose heads are being chopped off, sons stolen and forced to fight, women and daughters sold in to sex slavery are those who are left behind. Those who truly need help are still in Syria and Iraq (and Yemen, Nigeria and Somalia). The people flooding your land are people who want a better life. They want a prosperous economy. A place where they will be taken care of.

Unlike the Jews of Germany who considered themselves German first and Jews second, these new immigrants to your land will always be Muslims first.

Many people will say that it is human to desire a better life, that all people deserve a chance to do so, that people who want a better life should be assisted. This is of course true. It doesn’t however mean that you need to let your country be overrun.

The Kurdish people live in the same conditions as the people of Syria (and in some cases worse conditions). The war is taking a toll on their land, making it near impossible to continue normal life. Are the Kurds flooding Europe to escape these conditions? No. They stay and fight for freedom in their own land. They fight for their country, to protect their children and secure a future for themselves. The people of Syria, Iraq and all other Arab nations that have seen European generosity to those fleeing war – they are taking advantage of you. Instead of striving to correct the conditions in their own lands, they are bringing those conditions to your land.

I understand that it is shame that guides your choices today. I understand that swarms of men, women and children walking to a new life makes for good tv. This however does not absolve you from thinking and carefully weighing your actions.

Now is the time to throw the politically correct out of the window and instead focus on being morally correct.

My dear Germans, you are the tipping point. The actions of your nation will decide the fate of the world. Will you allow this refugee crisis be the death of Europe? The end of Germany?

This is a dangerous time. This is a deciding moment for the spirit of Germany. Your fathers and grandfathers chose actions of violence, cruelty and apathy. Now you have been given the opportunity to choose. You can choose better.

You must not repeat the mistakes of your past. You must not become violent or hateful. You must not exterminate another race. At the same time, if you allow your nation to be overrun your culture will be conquered and your nation will quickly become unrecognizable.

You must make moral choices, not the easy choices.

My heart cries for you. Israel’s position is clear cut. It is much easier to see what is right for our nation. For Germany it is more difficult and this difficulty is heart-wrenching. Israel either lives or dies. Germany can die by continuing to live, by continuing down the same path she is currently on.

I hope it is not too late…

Concerned in Israel,

17 thoughts on “My heart cries for Germany

  1. Dear Forest Rain,
    I’m an atheist Gentile. I was born in Berlin and have German citizenship, but grew up in Australia. I moved to Berlin one week before my 31st birthday (14 1/2 years ago) and will always consider myself to be Aussie, not German.
    I wish the “real” Germans could see the dangers that I (a “pseudo-German”) and people like your good self can see.
    Thank you for telling it like it is!
    The irony of the Gutmensch phenomenon is that Holocaust-guilt-feelings are, for a great part, responsible for Germany’s Willkommenskultur, which itself, for a great part, is now responsible for the recent incredible influx of Jewhaters (“Anti-Semites” sounds too clinical and watered down, in my opinion). So … guilt about Germany having perpetrated the Holocaust makes German politicians feel the need to invite countless “Adolf-admirers”, so to speak. Kind of reminds one of a certain famous Alanis Morissette song title, consisting merely of one adjective, doesn’t it?!

    My personal experience with Jewhaters can be read at
    Do a Ctrl-F for
    “Muslims are the new Jews” NOT!
    and read on from there.



    1. Thanks for your kind response. It’s good to know some people understand what I am talking about… and yes, it’s very ironic and terribly sad.
      Thanks for the link to your article. I will read. You are welcome to take a look at more articles here. I will be happy to hear your thoughts.
      Best wishes from Israel to the Aussie in Germany!


      1. Thanks for your best wishes – straight back at ya times ten! 🙂
        I’m sorry that my “personal experience” sentence seems to have given you the impression that I wrote an article. I guess I should have written the sentence more accurately as “My personal experience with Jewhaters can be read in the comments section at”. My apologies for unintentionally misleading you.


      1. I’ve poked around just a very tiny, little bit on your site now and can basically write one comment for everything of yours that I’ve read so far:
        Thank you for not being afraid to speak about some truths that the PC police try to suppress discussion of. I especially love the fact that you go about it in an even-handed and humane manner. You address some “uncomfortable” truths (if only more people would do so) but you’re not one-eyed, and that’s very important. You’re a star (of David 🙂 I admit, I expressed it as “You’re a star” just so I could make the Star of David joke. So there!!! 😉 )
        Greetz from The Skullmeister 😀


      2. Dear Ms Forest Rain,

        in the interests of fairness and accuracy I unfortunately have to take you to task for that generalisation, young lady! My previous comment was not “the kindest thing anyone has written in a long time”.
        You are only justified in declaring that it is “one of the kindest things that anyone has written” to you regarding the manner in which you run this site “in a long time”. Thank you for your attention.

        Yours sincerely,
        an anonymous pedantic lunatic
        (oh wait, I just realised that the pedantic lunatic is not anonymous at all – he’s actually me 🙂 🙂 🙂 )


      3. highly amusing” – you’re accusing me of writing to you under the influence of illegal substances?!?! That’s rather prejudiced because I haven’t revealed any details of my criminal record (beginning and ending in the previous millennium!) to you yet. Will I have to call my lawyer? Well, here goes:

        My Lawyer! My Lawyer! My Lawyer! 😉 🙂 😀


  2. Wonderful article, so beautifully and compassionately expressed. Thank you for writing it. Now IF ONLY Germany will read, comprehend and heed your sage sentiments. God bless you, Israel, and Bibi and family!


    1. Thank you very much for your kind words and wishes! I appreciate your help in sharing this and other articles posted here. Together, maybe, we can make a difference.


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