Because it is the right thing to do…

People who insist on doing the right thing are often disliked. They are considered annoying and others often wish they would just shut up and go away.

It’s no different for countries.  But Israel is not shutting up and we aren’t going away.

As our Prime Minister strives to save the free world from the threat of a nuclear Iran, the message we are getting in return is “Sit down. Shut up.”

We are told that Israel should wait until America concedes to everything Iran requests, allow them to develop nuclear weapons and then lodge a request for assistance from America or possibly the UN. After all, the thousands of Iranians who go to rallies and scream “Death to Israel, death to America” don’t really mean it. They replaced their leader with a man who smiles when he speaks so that means that Iran is now our friend. Everything is ok. Right?

Our Prime Minister has been accused of being hysterical.  Of fear mongering. Mr. Obama won’t take his calls and the negotiations (read capitulation) go on.

While Secretary Kerry insists that Prime Minister Netanyahu wait till he closes a deal and criticize after, while he explains that Netanyahu doesn’t really know what is going on and he should just keep quiet, our Prime Minister continues to warn the world. It is his job to protect the people of Israel and the only homeland of the Jewish people. But it is not “just” Israel he is protecting. The free world is in danger and it is the leader of the tiny State of Israel who is taking a stand, front and center.

It’s not fun and certainly not easy but it is the right thing to do.

While our Prime Minister strives to protect freedom a team of 150 Israeli doctors and search and rescue experts strive to protect and preserve life in the area of the Philippines devastated by typhoon Haiyan. There is nothing politically expedient about assisting the Philippines. Tiny Israel is not so overloaded with extra money or resources that we need to search for a way to give them away BUT when thousands have died and countless more have been displaced – Israelis help.

Hundreds have already received medical treatment. The Israeli team installed a water cistern on a nearby island that had no access to water.  They assisted in renovating a school. The first baby born in the Israeli field hospital was given the name Israel, in honor of the Israelis who came from half way around the world to help them.

Just yesterday the President of France gave a speech here in Israel telling us, “It’s better to be few, on the right side than many on the wrong side but I don’t have to tell you that. You are used to being in that position.”

How true.

6 thoughts on “Because it is the right thing to do…

  1. Everything you say is so correct. Our President I believe is in his heart Muslim and therefore does not have the love for Israel that most Christians in America have. Many in our government do love Israel and are not in agreement with President Obama and his policies. But we know that the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will fight for Israel and millions of Christians will be praying for Israel as well. G-d bless you Forest Rain look forward to meeting you when my husband and I come to Haifa soon.


  2. Absolutely and totally true, dear Forest, and a major chunk of the American populace are in full agreement. The disdain that our administration shows for Israel and her interests is beyond disturbing for us. Keep up the brilliant work, dear heart!


  3. OUTSTANDING ! ! !
    I have 2 friends that live in the Philippines; one in Angeles City and another (whole family) in Tarlac. They were okay after the passing of Haiyan, but it was “touch and go” for about 7 hours for them. Peter was evacuated to Clark AFB.


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