Snow storm in Israel (everything is relative)

enjoying snow in Israel
“Hey kids! Go over there and pretend to be cold!”

We had a snow storm. Snow fell in some places and lasted for a few days. In a country that rarely sees snow it was a big deal.
People got stranded in their cars. Power lines went down and it took days to get them back up. Roads were in accessible.
Lots of trees were damaged.

The emergency lasted a few days.  The snow turned to icy sludge and melted away.
Again one or two (thin) layers are plenty to be comfortable.
The emergency is no longer the weather, its back to politics, murderers being set free and people complaining about houses being built in our own land.

Yesterday a reporter on tv “reassured” the public that the explosions that were heard in the south are “only” the Hamas testing their missiles. “No big deal, they do that almost every day.” How reassuring. And when the missiles are ready, who exactly are they going to be aimed at?

Everything is relative.

To my friends around the world I would like to wish a wonderful New Year.
The best thing I can advise for the year to come is to take everything in proportion. Remember what is truly important and ignore the rest.

Wishing you all the much happiness and joy!

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