Monsters under the bed…

Parents around the world are familiar with the child’s fear of the dark, the fear of monsters under the bed or in the closet.

In most cases, this fear is irrational and can be banished by simply turning on the lights.

In Israel, it’s the parents that are afraid for their children. The monsters are all too real. They burst out of nowhere, fully equipped with weapons and intent to kill. To them, the death of children has been and will be a great accomplishment, a reason to celebrate.

You can’t see them until they suddenly break out of the ground and begin moving to their target. Your children. They could appear anywhere, even your own backyard.

Turning on the light doesn’t make them go away…

Hamas terrorists have already used their attack tunnels to kill Israelis. The IDF has uncovered numerous tunnel openings inside Israel and they are currently on a mission to uncover and destroy the tunnels in Gaza. The tunnels are well hidden and they are booby-trapped with explosives making this search and destroy mission life-threatening for IDF soldiers.

Each tunnel has numerous openings and the entire length of each one must be destroyed completely otherwise they can simply be repaired and made ready for the next attack.

Israelis livingmonsters under the bed near the border with Gaza have been reporting for many months that they heard digging under their homes. They were told that they were paranoid, that nothing was wrong, what could be digging under their homes?

Now we know.

We’ve seen the tunnels being used. Our soldiers are dying trying to destroy all the tunnels from Gaza to Israel. We’ve turned on the light and can see the monsters very clearly.

Horrible? There’s more. Israelis who live on the northern border are also reporting digging sounds under their homes. Hezbollah has always been the role model for Hamas – they do everything bigger, stronger and with more precision than Hamas. If Hamas has terror attack tunnels, it is only logical to think that Hezbollah does as well. Theirs will probably be bigger, wider and harder to find. We already know that they have many more missiles than Hamas does. The only question is when will they decide to use them? Will the terrorists burst out of the ground? Attack us from the sky? Maybe it will all come at once…

What would you do if this was happening in your country? To your family?

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