The Guardian of Israel will neither slumber nor sleep.

The “Guardian” referred to in this quote from the Psalms is God. “My help is from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.”

Israelis tend to believe that God helps those that help themselves, thus Israel has many guardians, constantly striving to protect her from the sea of enemies that surrounds us. Our guardians are not the protectors of some vague ideology or even a political entity. They are watching over the lives of family and friends, protecting homes and ensuring that our people have a future in a very uncertain and unstable “neighborhood”.

There is only one correct answer to the question: “Am I my brother’s keeper?”


When Gil-Ad Shaer (16 years old), Neftali Frenkel (16 years old) and Eyal Ifrach (19 years old) were kidnapped by Hamas terrorists, the entire country came together. The people roared “Bring back our boys!” Not THE boys. OUR boys. The entire country searched, prayed and counted the moments till the three could be brought home to their parents. When we discovered that bodies were being brought home for burial the entire country mourned. Thousands attended the triple funeral.

Our Prime Minister vowed that the murderers would be brought to justice. Israeli security forces strived tirelessly to find the hiding terrorists. After three months of searching, today the murderers were eliminated. There was one single person in the entire city of Hebron who knew where the murderers were hiding. There are thousands of Hamas members and supporters in Hebron. Only one had the information that was needed and the Israeli security forces found him. The murderers were hiding in a bunker type hole in the ground. Surrounded, they came out shooting, making it impossible to arrest them…

Racheli Frenkel, the mother of murdered Neftali said: “The death of the murderers doesn’t bring my son back but I’m glad they can’t hurt anyone else. It’s also good for my other children to see how the people that took Neftali ended up.”

Today Israel’s newest nuclear capable submarine docked in Haifa. Our thanks to friends in Germany that helped make this possible. It is right and good that Germany help ensure that Israel has the most sophisticated tools available to keep the Jewish people safe.

Today Israel shot down a Syrian fighter jet that invaded our airspace. Vigilance is necessary on all our borders. The Syrian civil war is on our northern border. Israelis can sit on the hill and watch the “rebels” (Al-Nusra, the supposedly moderate Syrian version of Al-Qaeda and the Free Syrian Army) battle the official Syrian army – that’s how close the fighting is. It is assumed that this fighting will not be turned against Israel in the near future however this may change after the “rebels” receive more arms and training from America.

Yesterday the Mossad launched their first internet campaign. Today I saw their recruitment video for the first time (see below). It ends with the words: “This is my world. This is my mission. Is it yours too?”

Those that want to degrade and destroy this country should take note of the events described here. Maybe it will make them think twice. The guardians of Israel neither slumber nor sleep…

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