An open letter to Ward Simpson CEO of God TV

This is an open letter to Ward Simpson CEO of God TV in regard to the launching of “Shelanu” a Hebrew language missionary channel dedicated to converting Jews to Christianity. 

I wrote this in response to this specific TV station but my words are a relevant representation of my thoughts regarding all attempts to convert Jews.  

Dear Ward Simpson, 

You say you love Israel and the mandate of God TV is to bless Israel.

That’s wonderful.

Some of Israel’s best friends are Christian, sometimes, sadly, even more so than some Jews living in the diaspora. We in Israel appreciate those who stand by us, particularly in difficult times.

The thing is that friendship is based on mutual respect – not subversion of our identity.

The moment you bend your efforts to converting Jews you become our enemy. It doesn’t matter how many other positive projects you have done; proselytizing Jews takes puts you in the category of those who are cursing Israel.

You are cursing us out of our existence.

Christian frustration at Jews refusing to accept Jesus as Messiah has been the impetus for Jew hate from the beginning of your religion. Jews have been abused, exiled from just about every European country, tortured, raped and slaughtered as a result.

Muslims were taught conspiracy theories and blood libel against Jews from Christians. To this day the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and other similar “gems” of European “wisdom” are sold in Islamic book stores, adding flames to the fire of their jihad…

For our people, stealing our souls isn’t that different from stealing our lives (it might actually be worse). The Nation of Israel is small enough as it is, trying to pull the weakest of our members out of our circle, particularly in the guise of friendship, is utterly unacceptable and actually rather repulsive.

It’s certainly not what a “friend” does.

I respect my Christian friends. I don’t try to change their faith or attempt to reform them in my image. My Christian friends, those who are actual friends, provide the same respect for me.

There is room for both of us in the world – the Jewish People have a God-given task to fulfill. Are you really so arrogant to believe that you can change that? That you can decide that Jews should no longer be Jews? That you should mislead God-fearing Christians into believing that it is a blessing to commit an act of evil in trying to steal Jewish identity?!

And no, no matter how nicely you say it, “Messianic Jews” aren’t Jews, they are people who have chosen Christianity, although they might have been born Jewish.

Those who bless Israel will be blessed. Those who curse Israel will be cursed.

Attempting to convert Jews is an attack on our identity, an attack on our souls and can be interpreted only as a curse.

Those who participate and collaborate with this are our enemy.

We much prefer friends but friendship has to be mutual.

For more information on God TV’s missionary channel read this informative article by Varda Meyers Epstein: Now You See it, Now You Don’t: GOD TV Hides Video After Media Exposé (Judean Rose) and/or Jesus, GOD TV’s CEO Takes us For Fools by Israellycool’s David Lange.




3 thoughts on “An open letter to Ward Simpson CEO of God TV

  1. Dear Jews, I was raised in a good Christian home. I don’t remember any of that hate mongering that you accuse us of. Hell, we didn’t even know any Jews. Far as we knew, you were Gods chosen people until you rejected his only begotten son. Presently, I am a grown man and have long since divined the imaginary roots of the ever lasting arms of Jesus. As have by far the majority of you Jews. So lets get down to the roots of what this whole kerfuffle is all about. You secular / atheist Jews have aspirations of ruling the whole world one day. When that day comes, you are going to need more Jews that will have total Zio-bonafides. That is where your religious Jews come in. Their belief system has been carefully crafted and manipulated to turn them into a de-facto Jew baby farm. Their belief system results in them producing ten or twelve or more Jew babies per family. It is a Jew eugenics psy-op under the cover of Judaism. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that the Covid 19 pandemic is a part of it, but it would fit right in. It is alleged that the US provided 300 million dollars in funding to the Wuhan lab. If that is true, and it was a biological warfare lab, the Mossad would be well advised of it as our CIA and the Mossad operate hand in glove and the Mossad would probably have been the initiator of it. Which would also explain Israel’s advanced progress in producing a vaccine against it. Shalom.


    1. I am making this comment readable to everyone because I believe all decent people should be aware of the malevolence that comes against Jews, in all it’s different forms. How ironic that this begins with “I don’t remember any of the hate mongering that you accuse us of…” and then quickly devolves into all kinds of hate and conspiracy theories…

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