Islam means submission, not peace

Imagine meeting Steve. He tells you: “Hi! My name is Steve and I’m an engineer at the car factory.” Steve pulls out his phone and shows you video of the factory where he works, pointing out Joe, Tom and Larry, his colleagues. He tells you: “We all really love cars; we think they are fantastic and if you want to be happy you should get a job with us.”

Would you then turn around and tell Steve that his name isn’t really Steve and he’s not an engineer at the car factory?

Over and over we hear westerners, from Mr. Obama to the brother of David Haines, a British aid worker beheaded by IS, declare: “Islam is a religion of peace” and “Islamic State does not represent Islam”.

These, to me, seem to be truly bizarre statements. Islamic State is an organization that strives towards the creation of a worldwide Islamic State, guided by sharia law. All their activities, including the beheading of David Haines are done in the name of Allah.

Thousands of people across the world, Muslims and converts to Islam, are flocking to the black flag of the Islamic State. They are not “lone wolves,” they are “true believers.” They are not misguided INDIVIDUALS they are an army of THOUSANDS that is growing daily.

Erick Stakelbeck, considered by many to be the leading authority on the issues of terrorism, radical Islam and the Middle East sat down to interview Anjem Choudary the spokesman for Islamist group, Islam4UK. In this clip Anjem Choudary explains that “it cannot be said that Islam is a religion of peace.” Stakelbeck, in turn, explains the difference between Choudary and other Islamic leaders who the opposite: “Anjem Choudary tells the truth.”

Personally I believe it is extremely disrespectful to deny someone their name or their beliefs. When people declare their goals, they should be taken at face value and the true measure of all of these is – actions.

The actions of Islamic groups around the world speak for themselves. Al-Qaeda (in all its versions), Al-Shabab, Boko-Haram, IS, Hamas and Hezbollah all declare that their actions are in the name of Allah.  If all these are “radicals” that belong to a “twisted version of Islam”, the silence of the supposed “moderates” is deafening. Where are the Muslim demonstrations insisting that atrocities not be committed in the name of their religion? Where are the Muslims that publicly say they do not want to live under sharia law? Where are the Muslim demonstrations against IS massacres in Iraq and Syria? Against beheadings of Americans and British?

Islam means submission, not peace but you don’t have to take my word for it. There are Muslims like Choudary (and even more ex-Muslims) who will explain it in their own words.

Please watch this enlightening video!

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