Israel’s handling of the death of Shireen Abu-Akleh

It is heartbreaking to get requests from Jews abroad for video proof to back up the police statement regarding the violence at the funeral of Shireen Abu-Akleh.

It is heartbreaking because I understand the desperate desire to appease the anger of those accusing Israel of sadistic, oppressive behavior: “We aren’t evil, don’t hate us. Here’s proof!”

It’s heartbreaking because, no matter how much proof there is – it doesn’t matter. There is a powerful and lucrative industry pushing the “Palestinian Issue.” This agenda was failing terribly due to the diplomatic efforts of former PM Benjamin Netanyahu, President Trump, the Abraham Accords, and Arab countries who are in danger from a nuclear and maniacal Iran, just like Israel. People whose participation in “high society” is dependent on being spokespeople for the “Palestinian Cause” were falling by the wayside, in danger of losing their comforts in the face of normalization between Israel and Arab Nations.

And then came the death of Shireen Abu-Akleh.

Never mind that she was in Jenin, a hotbed of terrorism, embedded with the terrorists.

Never mind that an intense gun battle ensued, bullets flying everywhere.

Never mind that sometimes non-combatants get hurt in battle zones – even journalists.

Never mind that Israel has a history of going to extreme lengths to pinpoint terrorists, picking them out of the crowds they use as human shields.

Never mind that Israel knows that any mistake will be used against us…

Here was an excuse to scream: “Israel killed the journalist” and even worse “Israel deliberately assassinated the journalist because she is a Palestinian symbol.”

This accusation is so far from anything logical that the blame game should have stopped there – except for one little thing: there are numerous parties searching for an excuse to incite hatred against Israel and here was the perfect opportunity. Al Jazeera is the main perpetrator in this, pumping accusations and lies for days on end, framed as news presenting “facts.”

Never mind that the PA claimed to have removed the bullet from Shireen. They had absolutely no interest in discovering whose gun it came from – why ruin a good story?

Israeli police are in a terrible situation. When they allow Arab rioters to “let off steam” and basically do whatever they want, the security of the general population is put at risk, and the police are accused (rightfully so) of enabling the destruction of Israeli sovereignty.

Often the police choose short-term “quiet” over long-term solutions, and we all suffer as a consequence. When the police do enforce peace and order (and as a by-product, sovereignty) we get images like those seen at the funeral of the Al Jazeera journalist.

Many people have a hard time understanding the mindset of those willing to go to any length to demonize Israel – including inciting violence and desecrating a funeral (look at the graphic from Arab media showing how they see what happened at the funeral – a PR victory).

This extreme level of hate creates a cognitive dissonance most people prefer not to see, not to understand. This makes it easier to accept the explanation that Israel is evil.

Human nature makes us most willing to accept the simple explanation. The problem is that the simple explanation is not always the correct explanation.

Are there videos showing that many of those attending the funeral were rioters and not mourners? Absolutely. You can see a variety of objects being thrown at police, people trying to pull the casket away, kicking and lashing out at police while doing so. You can hear the rioters at the funeral of this Christian woman shouting “Allah Akbar” and how they will “redeem their martyrs in blood and fire”… you can see that the police were deliberately provoked for the cameras, to enable the “narrative.”

It’s heartbreaking that so many Jews are desperate to explain, to prove that “we aren’t evil.” It won’t work because the whole purpose of this enormous theater performance was to “prove” to the audience of haters that we are.

It’s time to recognize what we are dealing with.

It’s time to stop begging to be not hated, to be included.

We need to respect ourselves and look after ourselves – without regard for what others determine is correct for our future, particularly those who don’t want us to have a future!

That is what NEVER AGAIN means.

One thought on “Israel’s handling of the death of Shireen Abu-Akleh

  1. So true… when we stand strong and just “do the right thing” (as usual…) and NOT try to please the world (waste of time) we’ll be a much stronger “light unto the nations” IT’S WHO WE’RE SUPPOSED TO BE (always has been…) AM YISRAEL CHAI!


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