Like kryptonite…

Update from Israel, September 21, 2006 by Forest Rain, Lionheart The war was kryptonite to my ability to function effectively. While missiles were falling all around my house and the beautiful region I live in I found myself, as if paralyzed, thoughts flying around inside my head and yet unable to express them.  Now there … More Like kryptonite…


Reflections from Israel, August 15, 2006 by Forest Rain, Lionheart I feel so, so sad today. For the past few days I’ve felt like I can’t breathe. I can’t rest. My throat is choked with unshed tears. All I can think about is numbers. Israelis often seem obsessed by numbers. The over 6 million murdered … More Numbers

Davka Nation

Reflections from Israel August 9th 2006 By Forest Rain, Lionheart  We are the davka people. “Davka” is a state of mind, an attitude integral to Israeli society. There is no comparable term in English. The Hebrew term, a single word holds much meaning. Often “davka” refers to a sophomoric rebelliousness, a thumbing of the nose, … More Davka Nation


an update from Israel 22.7.06 by Forest Rain, Lionheart  Today I decided to go down to the clinic to do some computer work rather than using my laptop at home. The desk I have my laptop on when connected to the internet at home is a bit too high for comfort so when I need … More BOOOM!