People of books

Last week I went to a library dedication ceremony. Those words sound so normal when I write them but what I attended was something uniquely Israeli. The ceremony took place in the Reali high-school in Haifa. During the evening my thoughts ranged from the history of the school, the ceremony itself, the library and the … More People of books

Education in Israel

Last week I attended the graduation ceremony at Tiltan, one of Haifa’s two art schools. It is stunning to consider that, in a city with a population of less than 300,000 residents, we have two universities, including the world renowned Technion Institute, two art colleges and a teacher’s training college. Haifa also has one of … More Education in Israel

90 year old scouts troupe in a 67 year old country

Israel has her own version of scouts. Their slogan is also “Be prepared”. Today I went to a celebration of the 90th anniversary of a Haifa based scouts troupe. I, who did not attend the scouts, watched as the old-timers came, as well as their children and grandchildren – all people who belonged to the … More 90 year old scouts troupe in a 67 year old country

Street scene in Haifa

Religious man fixes his air-conditioner. The sign for his shop is rather ironic – in Haifa advertise that your falafel is: Jerusalem Falafel! Want to see more images from Israel? Follow me on Instagram @forestrainm