A brit and a wedding – expanding the tribe of Israel

“What’s his name?” The women whisper between themselves, not sure they heard correctly: “What’s his name?” “Shimon? Ah, Shimon… that’s a good name.” “Shimon, because of Lag BaOmer. That’s a good name.” Repetition registers his name. Eight days old, he is now known to the community, part of the collective memory – the newest member … More A brit and a wedding – expanding the tribe of Israel

My Jewish perspective on the “War on Christmas”

Whoever would have thought that manger scenes and mall Santas could become a topic of contention in America? That saying “Merry Christmas” is becoming taboo in some circles? Wow. I spent the first decade and a half of my life in America. Most of my neighbors were Christian, not Jewish. They put up Christmas lights … More My Jewish perspective on the “War on Christmas”

“We built that”

Once upon a time, the people that built things with their own two hands were admired. The pioneers. Their sweat and the dirt beneath their fingernails was a badge of honor, a testament to their courage. The builders, people who created something from nothing, were upheld as an example. They who made the rocky hills green, … More “We built that”

Why I love Israel

The brilliant Chloé Simone Valdary asks the questions no one bothers to ask, the questions few realize are fundamental. It is easier to not think, to take for granted but Chloé is different and by example, she pushes others to do the same. Think. Question. Learn. Awareness and knowledge are the basic tools for creating … More Why I love Israel

Recognizing Rage

There is a boiling rage in Israel. And no, I don’t mean Arab rage, so called ‘Palestinian’ Day(s) of Rage. There is a white hot current of rage roiling through the Nation of Israel – Jewish rage. Ignored by the world, unspoken by the Israeli people our rage screams: How dare you say I do … More Recognizing Rage