Country on fire


There is what amounts to a civil war going on in my country and no one seems to notice…


Israeli Arabs, citizens of Israel, are attacking Israeli Jews simply because they are Jewish.


Last week there was an attempt to lynch Israeli government workers who made the “mistake” of driving through East Jerusalem (populated by Moslem Israelis). Moslem Israelis attempted to murder workers of the State simply because they drove by.


An Arab Israeli murdered 8 religious students, most of them teenagers. They were immersed in their books when the terrorist burst in on them, shooting. The blood of innocents mingled with holy scriptures and those who considered themselves Palestinians – whether they be residents of Gaza or Jerusalem, citizens of Israel or the Palestinian Authority – rejoiced.


When a moment of silence was initiated at the beginning of a national soccer game a few days later Israeli Arabs booed – they too rejoiced at the murder of the sons of Israel.


The daily threat from Gaza and Lebanon continues to hang over our heads. For the moment there is a lull in the kassam attacks but they will resume the moment Hamas finds it convenient… Hezbollah, more sophisticated, seems to have a more devastating plan in mind…


Our hostage soldiers are still not returned to us.


It is time to wake up and realize that the true problem is not how Israel behaves but the ideology of those who are attacking Israel for they are part of the same Nation of Islam that is attacking America, Iraq, Spain, England, Mombassa, Bali and so many other places… It is not only my country that is on fire – it is ALL our countries.


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