Getting the real story from Israel…

Missiles continue to fly out of Gaza… slamming in to Israeli homes, schools, neighborhoods. Israeli citizens live in never ending stress, never knowing how the day will end – the whole family around the dinner table or in the hospital (or even worse – the morgue).

Gilad Shalit is still hostage of terrorists in Gaza despite the governments willingness to bend over backwards, give the terrorists the ransom they demand – anything to bring this child of Israel back to his mother and father.

No one seems to care… even spiritual leaders like Desmond Tutu are calling to investigate Israel for war crimes – we who bring medicine and food to the people who are shooting missiles at us and stealing our boys from their families…

There are people on-site, striving to bring accurate information to those who do care. If you would like to know what is really happening on the ground I suggest signing up with Sderot Media Center. They send out an informative newsletter, have an information-rich website and sometimes have projects you can join in on… Support people who do good work! To visit this highly recommend site go to:

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