I just did what I had to do…

On Monday, 3:30 am Yael heard someone in her home. Suddenly a man burst through the door of her bedroom. He had a knife and an iron pipe.

He had come from Gaza to kill her.

The terrorist told her to get down on the floor but she knew that was one thing she was not about to do.

Yael had two choices – lie down and die or stand up and fight. She chose to fight.

The man knocked her down and began to stab her, slashing her face. She fought for her life – and for the lives of her four small children. Her four and half year old daughter and two year- old son had been sleeping next to her when the terrorist burst into their bedroom. Her eight and nine year old daughters were sleeping in a room close by.

Yael struggled, punching, scratching and jabbing him. He began to throw things at her, a mirror, a scale… but missed. She swiftly sent her daughter to her sisters and putting her little boy into the bomb shelter, locked the door. She picked up a large heavy metal
bell and used it to pummel their would-be murderer out of the room and into the adjoining shower. She then locked and barricaded the door, flying to the kitchen to call her husband (who was away on his job with the IDF) and a neighbor who was a sharpshooter.

The terrorist, realizing the tables had turned against him, attempted to escape by jumping out of the bathroom window. He was soon spotted and shot by the IDF.

LaYaelter, during the day, Yael sat calmly and explained to Israeli reporters what had happened. She laughed when one of them called her a hero. The slash marks evident on her face she said: “I just did what I had to do.” And then looking straight in to the camera she said: “I want a message to go out to all the people. Each one of us has more strength inside than you would ever imagine. Use it. Don’t ever give in. Don’t ever give up”

Don’t ever give in. Don’t ever give up.

What a lovely “cease-fire”…

Our national anthem speaks of the 2000 year old dream to be a free people in our own country. We now have our own country but until we can be certain that mothers will no longer have to fight terrorists with their bare hands – we are not free.

Not yet.

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