A miracle for Adele

Adele needs a miracle. She is three years old and has been fighting for her life since Thursday.

Odelia Biton needs a miracle

Terrorists threw rocks on her mother’s car, causing them to crash into a truck.  They were driving near their village – a mother and three small children.

They were all hurt but three year old Adele had severe head trauma. She has already undergone a number of surgeries and she is still battling.

Adele needs a miracle. Her family needs a miracle.

I believe in miracles. They happen sometimes. But not always.

What I do know for sure is that rocks can kill. They are certainly meant to hurt, to cause injury and destruction… I also know that women and children are not considered legitimate targets in any type of warfare – except by terrorists who target women and children on purpose.

Next time you see “demonstrators” on the news “just” throwing rocks remember little Adele. If she survives it will be a miracle.

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