Values in Trash TV

Yes, it’s true. Israel has her share of trash TV.

Our screens are inundated with practically any type of reality show you can think of: Big Brother, Survivor, The Bachelor, Master Chef, A Star is Born (=Israel’s version of American Idol), The Voice, X-Factor, clothing makeovers, home makeovers… Considering the size of the country (less than the population of New York City) the amount and variety is staggering.

We love our trash TV. Some are fanatic followers. Some are closet followers. Others love to hate it, adamantly refusing to “stoop down to that level.”  Everyone has an opinion, everyone cares – one way or the other.

In a country under constant existential threat, trash TV is a vacation for the mind. It’s an excuse to get involved in tiny, meaningless details (who said what to whom? Why did she wear that bikini?) and forget about everything else. It’s nice to pretend that what the judges said to some contestant actually matters…

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