Terrorists block the road, question drivers: “Are you a Jew?”

Israeli car on fire








Last night masked men set tires on fire to block a road in Israel, near Netanya (road 5614). They stopped passing cars, asking the drivers: “Are you Jewish?”  Two drivers that answered in Hebrew were pulled out of their cars and attacked.  One managed to get back in his car and drive away. The other ran away on foot, leaving his car behind. The attackers set the car on fire.

fire on the road








Additional drivers were attacked and managed to escape.  A motorcyclist was attacked with stones and knocked off his motorbike.  An ambulance team managed to get him to the nearest hospital. These are just a few examples of the riots and attacks of the last few days…

rocks kills

If the Arabs put down their weapons today, there would be peace tomorrow.

If Israel puts down her weapons today, tomorrow there will be no Israel.

2 thoughts on “Terrorists block the road, question drivers: “Are you a Jew?”

  1. Dear Emily,
    We wish no violence on anyone, only for the attacks against us to stop so we can live in peace.
    It is horrible that an entire culture has raised people to believe that it is right and good to terroize others in this fashion. They are damaging themselves, their own children, as much as they are hurting us. This is very very sad.


  2. Your posts the past 10 days have been awesome and informative… These jokers I’d like to snatch up by the hair of the head and hang them in trees for the bugs and buzzards to eat them alive… I am sick of these militant Arabs… so sick in fact that there are no words to describe…


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