This is what heroism looks like…

Heroes don’t wear capes and masks. They don’t have super powers.  Heroes are regular people who do what needs to be done in unbearable, impossible situations.

This video shows heroes under fire. Faceless people, “just” doing what was needed – doing everything possible to save the life of Dror Hanin who was hit by a Hamas mortar, his body riddled with shrapnel. With the area still under bombardment, the paramedics didn’t think about their own lives – they wanted to save Dror.

Watch the video: saving lives under fire

Dror was bringing care packages to the soldiers protecting Israel. He told his wife, “How can I not go to them?” He wanted to show his support, to cheer up the soldiers. Dror was a serial volunteer, everywhere he felt he could help, he was there. Was. Despite heroic efforts, including a complex field operation – WHILE UNDER FIRE – Dror died.  Dror had a wife and three small children.  Now it will take heroic effort on the part of his wife to keep their kids world from falling apart. Being normal, creating a normal life will be her act of heroism.

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