The terrible toll…

This morning I woke up to news of one soldier killed, 4 wounded. 9 terror-attack tunnels were found during the night. The air-raid notification on my phone was going off – Hamas is bombarding our southern towns with missiles.

Yesterday, before the IDF went into Gaza, a soldier was injured and his combat dog was killed uncovering an attack tunnel. This means that the dog saved the life of his soldier friend and they prevented the other soldiers in their unit from being hurt. They prevented future terror attacks.

What is being done now in Gaza is crucial but the toll is terrible…

Our soldiers are our fathers, sons and brothers, our friends (and sometimes our daughters and sisters). Each one is a world, is someone’s everything. There are parents across Israel terrified for the lives of the children while, at the same time, full of pride that their sons are protecting the people of Israel. We are all both sick with worry and full of pride… Each life is so precious.  

Thank you dear ones for protecting us. For protecting our nation. May you be protected in your duties, do what is needed and come home safe and sound.

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