Sending the kids to kindergarten…

If you checked kindergartens around the world I’m sure you’d find differences of architecture, design and decorations. One thing I am certain is the same across all cultures, nations and countries – the attempt to make kindergartens bright and cheerful, happy environments.

Israeli kindergartens are cheerful and bright. Whenever possible they have adjoining yards so the kids can play outside as well as inside.

One thing our kindergartens have that others do not is – bomb shelters or “safe rooms” (these are not as strong as true shelters but are less dangerous than staying in a regular room when being bombarded with missiles. Israeli towns near Gaza are hit with missiles so often that entire buildings have been “missile-proofed” so that parents can safely send their kids to kindergarten or school, even when Hamas is throwing missiles at them.

The towns in southern Israel have experienced missile bombardment on and off, ever since Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005 in hopes that giving the people of Gaza full control over that piece of land would convince them to be peaceful.

For the past two months Hamas has been raining missiles on Israel, almost non-stop. It is easier for them to hit the towns near the border with Gaza. Smaller rockets, with shorter range are easier to produce. The Iron Dome shoots down missiles sent further in to Israel however it does not work for short range mortars. There is no air raid siren for mortars, no warning, and no way to prepare in advance. The lucky hear a whine as it flies through the air, giving them seconds to run for cover or throw themselves to the ground and pray. Usually all you hear is the BOOM as they explode next to you.

In this video taken from Israeli Channel 2 News, you can see the extreme measures taken to protect kindergarten children. They no longer have a yard to play in but they will be safe from missiles. You don’t need to understand the language to understand the video – the enormous concrete wall says it all.

Can you imagine sending your children to this kindergarten?

Why is this ok for our children?

 Concrete kindergarten

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