Where are the leaders, the role models & heroes?

The answer is simple – in Israel.

Some of you may remember Ziv Shilon. I wrote about him in the article: “The stuff that legends are made from…” In a time when the supposed leader of the free world responds to the beheading of his citizens with an intense round of golf it is worth taking another look at Ziv Shilon.

Captin Ziv Shilon with his Givati soldiers
Captin Ziv Shilon with his Givati soldiers

At the beginning of Operation Protective Edge Captain Ziv Shilon (who was seriously wounded on the Gaza border) wrote a message for his soldiers:

This is why I was so hard on you in during training. From the beginning of this night I feel my heart is torn! I am so sorry that I cannot be with you, my lions. I am sorry! Sorry! Sorry!

Make me proud. Act in the name of God and you will be successful. Fulfill your mission and come home safe and sound! Tzabar battalion, Givati Brigade and all the IDF warriors.

As I told you in our conversation last week, the day the Shivah [ritual morning period] honoring my mother ended and I came to you, in the (battle)field, to be strengthened by the children most important to me in the world – you: “Today you are the biggest stars in this nation and everyone’s eyes are on you. You are the guardian angles, this time it is your turn.”

Leadership, inspiring role models and real life heroes exist. You just have to know where to look…


Read more about Ziv Shilon: The stuff that legends are made from… http://wp.me/p6uuI-2D

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