A Great Miracle Happened HERE

Last night we began the Hanukah celebration. Hanukah commemorates one instance out of many throughout Jewish history where, against overwhelming odds, the Jewish people survived and triumphed.

This is our miracle. Again and again, against all odds, all logic and despite the silence of the “good” majority – the Jewish nation survives.

Modern times are no different – the odds are against us, good people stand silent and we are left on our own to pray for a miracle.

As a child, in the USA, on Hanukah we remembered the great miracle that happened THERE, in the land of Israel. Now I commemorate the miracle that happened HERE. This is a land of miracles. They are not something that happened only in ancient times or a thing of story books. They are real and we see them often.

Happy Hanukah!

May miracles find you when you need them.

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