Peace on earth and good will towards man.

What is Christmas about?

I’m Jewish, why should I care about Christmas?

I care because the “spirit of Christmas” is something that can be universally understood and is desired by most people. Most, not all.

Those of us who pay attention to reality punching us in the face realize that not all truly desire peace. Not all have in their heart the ability to feel good will towards their fellow men (and women).

I wish it were otherwise. It is important to cherish the situations, possibilities and opportunities to create a more positive, kinder environment. Living in a country surrounded by hordes that wish to destroy us I find it impossible to remain unmoved by this video depicting the true story of the unofficial truce between British and German soldiers on Christmas Eve 1914. It’s actually a Sainsbury Christmas ad but it does the trick because it hits a vital “nerve”.

Israeli people yearn for peace. We argue about methods to attain it but we all desire to simply live and let live. If only our “neighbors” felt the same way…

I hope that all Christian friends around the world experienced a lovely Christmas. May this upcoming year bring people everywhere more “peace on earth and good will” – there is nothing that is more needed!

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