Je Suis Kafir

Celebrities join the "Je Suis Charlie" campaign
Celebrities join the “Je Suis Charlie” campaign

It has become fashionable to announce “Je Suis Charlie.” It’s a hashtag on Twitter, it’s on tv, it’s a worldwide campaign… even Hollywood celebrities are sporting the slogan identifying with the slaughtered Charlie Hebdo satirists in France.

The “Je Suis Charlie” campaign began as something good and right, honoring the victims of terrorism and restating the importance of freedom of speech.

The Je Suis Juif, “I am a Jew” campaign, did not catch on with the same amount of enthusiasm.

The same celebrities that are falling over themselves to announce their solidarity with the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists, the same people that speak out about “human rights violations,” are the same people who are silent about the murder of Jews.

I expect artists, journalists and comedians to speak out when freedom of speech is threatened. Their livelihood depends on the right to speak freely, no matter whom it may offend.

It was interesting to watch the celebrities that did speak out and note that while they did explain to their audience the need for freedom of speech, they seemed to have a very hard time voicing the words “Islamic terrorism.”

The creators of Charlie Hebdo were equally offensive to everyone: Jews, Christians, politicians… It was only Moslem terrorists who thought murder was an appropriate response.

Miriam Monsonego
Photo of 8-year-old Miriam Monsonego, daughter of school headmaster Rabbi Yaacov Monsonego, who was killed in a shooting attack at the Ozar Hatorah School in Toulouse, France, early Monday morning. March 19, 2012.

Millions marched in solidarity with “Charlie” – in France, Germany and England. World leaders flew to France to march as well. I suppose I should be grateful that there was some mention of the Jews that were murdered the day after the Charlie Hebdo massacre. If not for the conjuncture of terror attacks there would be very little attention on the Jewish victims, in any at all. There would certainly be no “Je Suis Juif” signs.

Does anyone remember 8-year-old Miriam Monsonego murdered in her Toulouse school along with 30 year old Jonathan Sandler, a rabbi and teacher and his two sons, Aryeh, six, and Gavriel, three. The terrorist tapped himself blowing the brains out of these small children. He was proud of what he was doing and wanted to create an example for others… That was in 2012.

There are two major issues that people worldwide seem to be ignoring.

First and foremost – the issue is not “Je Suis Charlie.” It’s not about “Je Suis Juif” either. It boils down to one thing only: “Je Suis Kafir.”

Kafir or in the plural, kufar are the infidels, the non-believers in the “Prophet” Mohammed. Those who have not submitted to Islam (and make no mistake about it – Islam is not about peace, it is about submission).

We are all kufar. Jews, Christians, Hindis, Yazidis and Moslems of the wrong version of Islam are dirty infidels, non-believers that need to either submit or die. It does not matter where you live – France, England, Israel or Iraq. Everyone who has not submitted to Islamic law is in danger. Not just Jews. It has nothing to do with Israelis “making life hard for the Palestinians” as one BBC journalist put it during coverage of the French demonstration. It is not an issue of media self-censoring so as to not be offensive.

No appeasement will ever be enough. Only complete eradication of “kufar” can suffice.

Does this sound like a wild statement? It is already underway – in Iraq, Syria and Nigeria. It is the source of all aggression against the Jewish people and the Jewish state. It is the reason Christians are being wiped out of the Middle East. Now it is plain to see the same ideology at work on European soil. The Islamic State is not a terror organization “over there.” It is a worldwide movement that is building a new world order.

The message coming out of the Islamic State to the Moslems of Europe is “hijra”, to immigrate to the Islamic State and join the jihad or to practice jihad in their homelands: “Either pack your bags or pick up a gun or a knife.” The events we see in the news prove that the message is coming through, loud and clear. It is only a matter of calling a spade a spade.

Entire neighborhoods throughout France, England, Sweden and Norway are now controlled by Sharia law. Local police do not enter. The law of the land does not apply.

During Operation Protective Edge journalists did not report what they were seeing in Gaza because they were threatened by Hamas. Now, after the Charlie Hebdo massacre even more journalists, in other situations, will self-censor for fear of offending Moslems. And if there are brave journalists or satirists, their editors will censor them, for fear of being the victims of the next massacre.

We are seeing this already.

And as the fear of terror grows, the Caliphate grows.

This should concern every single freedom loving person in the world. Not just Jews. Or Christians. Or journalists and artists. Women who like to wear pants and let their hair blow free in the wind need to be concerned. Any person that wants to speak his or her mind without fear of retribution needs to be concerned.

I want to live in a world where people have a right to be stupid, annoying and even obnoxious. I prefer a world that allows the vulgar, offensive cartoons of Charlie Hebdo than a world that sanctions murder in the name of Allah.

Until the people of the world unite under the realization that we are all in danger because we are all “kufar” there will be no hope of safety for anyone, anywhere.

There is another issue that is being overlooked. People, worldwide, were moved by the “Je Suis Charlie” campaign, by the demonstrations and the image of the Arc de Triomphe lit up with the announcement “Paris Es Charlie.”

Millions of people declared their belief in freedom. Wonderful.

But what happens the day after the demonstration? What happens when Jews are killed? What happens when journalists are threatened? What happens when there is terrorism in India, Africa or Australia?

French President Francois Hollande requested that our Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu not to attend the Paris memorial march. When Netanyahu insisted on coming, the French decided to invite Abbas to attend. A number of terror supporters, funders and apologists attended the march and were embraced willingly by other world leaders. Am I really supposed to believe that this demonstration is the beginning of something new?

Welcome or not, Prime Minister Netanyahu had to be at the front of those marching against terrorism. He, of all the world leaders, knows what it is like to head a country battling for freedom and security. Moreover, Netanyahu had to go speak to the Jews of France. As head of the Jewish State he is not only the Israeli Prime Minister, he is the Prime Minister of Jews worldwide. While they may not live in Israel, he still has some level of responsibility for each Jew, everywhere. That is why he came. To ask the French to protect the Jews of France. To listen to the hostages that survived the attack on the Kosher Super Market. To remind all the Jews of France that they are welcome to come home, to Israel.

Turkish President Erdogan accused Netanyahu of terrorism, saying that he didn’t understand how Netanyahu dared attend the demonstration. The leaders of the world did not declare “Je Suis Juif.”

They watch silently, or maximum shake their heads and sigh – as they did when they saw that Erdogan’s army was positioned to sit and watch the Kurds battle the Islamic State in Kobane, refusing to lift a finger to prevent the slaughter, refusing to help the surviving refugees.

The world seems to be ignoring the inequality of the equation. People that think “it’s not nice to murder” will never defeat people who believe that it is their sacred, God given duty as defined by God to kill kufar.

People who are willing to march in the street and light candles get cold and go home. The next day they go to work and do other things. The mildly interested can never defeat people who are willing to lay down their lives in order to achieve their goals.

It’s a simple equation really. The people that care more, win.

I can only speak for myself. Terrorism is wrong. Excusing and apologizing for terrorism is wrong. Being insulting, vulgar and offensive is not a cause for murder. Neither is being Jewish. Freedom of speech is essential. Without it we lose all our freedoms.

I am an Israeli, an American, a Jew and a woman. I will not sit down. I will not shut up.

I will not submit.

Je suis kafir!

9 thoughts on “Je Suis Kafir

  1. I agree with everything you said. My fear is these acts of Terrorism will become so common place that people will loose interest or worse yet become desensitized (cold) to them. A precious soul can never be replaced its unique to the place and time it was born. People have become so Politically Correct that they have lost all wisdom and common sense. Our own laws in the West have work against us and no one would dare to initiate laws that would hurt someone’s feelings! People loose their lives because their are very few who really care about them other than putting a few flowers and a memorial at the site they were murdered. Too much talking and not enough actions we hear the same words repeated over and over again! How many have to die before this world wakes up!! I pray it won’t be too late for us let alone for our children! What kind of world are we leaving them??


  2. I think this is one of your best so far. Funny that Abbas, a noted Holocaust denier is considered equal to a democratically elected Head of State. Abbas was also photographed smiling from ear to ear in the somber display of unity. No doubt he was inwardly happy about it. Dangerous times my friend… dangerous times.


  3. Thank you for your comment. We need to keep trying while at the same time, realizing that there are people who do not and will not live side by side with people that do not submit to their belief system. Big problem. Recognizing it is half the solution.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thank you for this. “The mildly interested can never defeat people who are willing to lay down their lives in order to achieve their goals.” It’s a sentiment I wish I had on hand when I wrote a
    post on the same theme. I believe we should all be able to coexist as civilised human beings. I want to be friends and neighbours with people I don’t agree with.


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