Rocks Kill

“Throwing rocks” sounds fairly innocuous.

The international media seems to love showing images of young Arabs throwing rocks, especially if the images can be contrasted with IDF soldiers. No one seems to notice that while the rocks are being thrown, the soldiers who have guns – are not using them.

The asymmetry is there, but not as the media would like to portray it.

The contrast is even more sharp when rocks are thrown at civilians. What happens when rocks are thrown at a mother driving a car with her small children inside? Ask Adva Biton.adele bitton

Two years ago, Adva’s car was pommelled with rocks. Adva tried to save herself and her three small daughters inside but, in attempt to escape the deadly rain, she lost control of the car and smashed in to a truck. Adele, just two years old, was severely injured.

Adva knew it would take a miracle for her daughter to survive.

Adele had a miracle. Sort of.

The little girl survived, but with severe neurological damage.

For two years the Biton family struggled to rehabilitate Adele. They hoped that with enough care, love and attention she would recover. Physical therapy, hope and a miracle would bring back their baby girl. But instead of the smiling, laughing baby they remembered, they had a lump of a child who could not move on her own, could barely hold up her own head. She did not walk and even worse – she did not smile.

Then Adele caught pneumonia. Her weak body struggled to battle the illness. The Biton family found themselves back in the hospital. Again, praying for a miracle.

It didn’t come. On Tuesday Adele died.

The rocks did not kill her in 2013. They killed her two years later. And made her family suffer enormously.

Next time you see “demonstrators” on the news “just” throwing rocks remember little Adele.

Remember that rocks kill and that we cannot count on miracles for our survival.

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