“Are you ready? Okay. Let’s roll.”

On September 11, 2015 the words in the article I wrote one year ago seem more relevant than ever. How sad that nothing has changed.
It’s time now to do what you know is right. Do not wait for the government to save you. Do not wait for “the authorities” to tell you what you can or cannot do. Now is the time to throw politically correct out the window and be concerned only with being morally correct.
Stand for what is right. There is no one left but you. And me. And whoever is willing to come along.
“Are you ready? Let’s roll!”

Inspiration from Zion: This is a Love Story

On 9.11.2001 America learned there is an enemy. They didn’t understand who the enemy was or why they were being attacked. They did understand that
someone wanted to bring the great US of A to her knees and most Americans resolutely declared they would not let that happen. America would stand proud as she had always done, America is good and good prevails.

Todd Beamer and the other passengers on flight 93 didn’t know who the enemy was. They did know that they had been hijacked, that other planes had been hijacked and slammed in to the Twin Towers. Together they made a swift choice, deciding that it was better to go down in flames than to be used as a killing machine to murder and terrorize other Americans. Those who could called their loved ones to say goodbye. Todd Beamer rallied other passengers around him. They recited the Lord’s Prayer and…

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