A room for four

room for four - courtsey of Yiftach RichterGrandparents set up a room for four. Their four grandchildren. What could be more normal?

But it’s not normal. No, the grandparents aren’t happy the kids will be staying with them. They would have preferred the kids were with their parents. But they can’t.

Four months, four years, seven and nine years old, the children saw their parents executed in front of them.

Eitam and Na’ama Henkin were driving home with their kids, after a get together with friends. What could be more normal?

Four children will grow up without their parents. Their foundation ripped out from under their feet. They will never have a ‘normal’ life.

Two young parents executed. 4 children left orphans. Why?

Because terrorists believe that Jews can be terrorized out of our own land. To them gunning down people driving home after spending a pleasant night with friends is a logical and effective way to attain their goal. Executing parents in front of four small children is lauded as ‘heroic’, a reason to celebrate in the streets.

For some reason the world still is pressuring Israel to appease. What will it take before it becomes clear to people worldwide that there is no compromise with people who want you dead?

Do they too need to be setting up beds for the children of their murdered children? Maybe then they will understand…

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