This is why Arab children kill

Sometimes, as we have seen in the recent wave of terror attacks, they don’t even grow up to kill, that is they don’t wait to grow up. They kill as children, teenagers and twenty-somethings.

Why? The world asks, why do these children kill? How could this be?

The answer is simple but very hard to watch.

Arab children kill because their parents, relatives, teachers and leaders teach them that it is right and good to become murderers. Stab the Jew, murder the kufar… this is what their parents teach them.

A video recently posted on Facebook shows a little girl, called Rahf, holding a large knife and declaring: “I want to stab a Jew.” Her father, Abdulhaleem Abuesha, a teacher in the Madaba refugee camp (!!) in Jordan, encourages her, saying: “Oh, you’re so strong!” The video was posted on Abuesha’s Facebook account on October 16. His account also features a picture of a little boy – presumably his son – holding a large knife and smiling at the camera.


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