What will move people to stand for what is right?

The world is full of good people. The problem is that the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men (and women) to do nothing.

Over the years I have watched wrongs intensify in the world, things I don’t know what to call but evil. Murderous terrorism that not only kills innocents but teaches younger generations to become killers. It’s not just in Israel, it has spread around the world and is actually worse in other lands, in Africa, Syria and Iraq.

I thought the good people of the world would wake up. Put a stop to the horror.

Wars, intifadas and the so called “cycle of violence” in Israel that is no cycle at all only constant aggression directed against civilians and a constant need to protect their lives… I thought suicide bombings blowing 3 generations, entire families, up in restaurants would make a dent in world opinion. I thought murderers breaking in to homes and slaughtering parents, children and even babies in their beds would make a difference.

I thought the grace of terrorized people who still reach out for peace would move the world to reach out and help us. Or at the very least leave us alone to fight for our lives…

I was wrong. It is easier, more entertaining to blame Israel. To attack Israel, blame, boycott, scream and shout… how fun.

I thought 9/11 would wake people up. America is a giant that can change the world. Instead of waking up, after getting kicked in the head, the sleeping giant rolled over and went back to dreaming.

I thought terror attacks around the world would teach that the ideology fueling the terrorism is the problem, not Israel.

I thought it would be obvious that Iran is not the solution but a huge part of the problem.

I was wrong. Some understood, some figured it out but far too few.

Islamic State. Who cares about Africa, Syria or Iraq? Black lives don’t really matter. Arab lives don’t matter. Not if Jews cannot be blamed… Christians marked for death like the Jews were marked with the yellow star. Where are the Christian leaders of the world? Women and children sold in to sex slavery, people being burned alive…

“Oh, that’s so terrible… did you see what the Kardashians did now?”

I don’t know what will move people to stand for what is right. For years I have been writing in the hope that it will help people understand and move them to action. Truthfully I don’t know what impact my writings have had. I know it’s not enough. While these atrocities continue, while Israel is blamed instead of being supported, while good people remain silent, it is not enough.

Maybe the reality is too horrible to comprehend. It is easier to ignore or to latch on to a shallow excuse (“It’s because of the settlements”, “The Al Aqsa Mosque…”). When the next generations ask: “Where were you when the world went up in flames?” it might be easier to say “I didn’t know”, “I didn’t see”…

This video is an attempt to reach people, to move people… maybe it will be easier to understand through the prism of a movie. Please watch this and if you can show it to others. Maybe, just maybe, it will touch a chord someplace, with someone.

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