Give Thanks To The Everyday Heroes

From the Empowerment Series by Chloé Simone Valdary

Considering the American holiday of Thanksgiving and its meaning I decided to post this, the first piece I ever had published.

It appeared in the Jerusalem Post on April 26th, 2002 and is still very relevant today.

The reality we are living with has changed (slightly) but the spirit of our everyday heroes is the same. I have lived here for more than half of my life and although I am very familiar with it, the power of the people of Israel never ceases to amaze me.


Give Thanks To The Everyday Heroes


Great people walk amongst us everyday, so common, so ordinary, that they’re usually taken for granted and rarely thanked. Who notices when we pass a nurse, a storekeeper or a guard in the entrance to a supermarket?

I would like to thank these everyday heroes:  The men and women of the army and police force that protect us. The citizens who have tackled armed terrorists with their bare hands without a thought for their own safety.  All the people who have stepped closer to suicide bombers to shield others from the explosions. The doctors, nurses and paramedics who see the dead and the wounded again and again while working unceasingly to save lives. The amazing Hesed Shel Emet, Zaka volunteers who come after every attack to clean up the pieces.

Also heroes are the shopkeepers that go to work everyday despite enduring attack after attack in front of their shops. The children whose clear thinking saved their younger brothers and sisters.  Everyone who goes to a club, a cafe or a party.  The people who refuse to be cowed by terrorism and insist on living their lives to the fullest.  All of you are the source of my strength and hope.

In Israel we live under the shadow of death, of current and remembered horrors.  Suicide bombing must be one of the most evil things invented by man. We must remember that the other side of greatest evil is greatest good. We see this awe inspiring good in our every day heroes. These courageous, stubborn, compassionate, good people are OUR people.  I am so proud and so grateful that these are MY people.  Thank you all of you.

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