Recognizing Rage

There is a boiling rage in Israel.
It’s right under the surface. Everyone ignores it, pretends it doesn’t exist but it’s there.
It’s a righteous, justified rage but, uncontrolled, it’s very dangerous.
I believe that the people who are ignoring the facts regarding the Azaria conviction are the people who are letting their rage seep out from under the lid of control.
I have my own rage. Everyone living in this country has it to some extent. Beaten down, attacked from all sides and constantly told we are the source of everything wrong in the world, it is almost impossible not to be angry.
But anger clouds judgement and often bad choices result.
I wrote about this over a year ago when I started to see signs of the unfettered rage.
It is worse now, particularly after Obama’s UN resolution and Kerry’s speech. I pray it won’t boil over…

Inspiration from Zion: This is a Love Story

There is a boiling rage in Israel. And no, I don’t mean Arab rage, so called ‘Palestinian’ Day(s) of Rage.

There is a white hot current of rage roiling through the Nation of Israel – Jewish rage.

Ignored by the world, unspoken by the Israeli people our rage screams:

How dare you say I do not deserve to live?!

How dare you attack mothers and fathers on the way home, in front of their children?!
How dare you kill babies in their cradles, stab toddlers on the street?!
How dare you throw missiles at our children?!
How dare you stab old women in the back?!

How dare you, you who call yourself civilized, support the people who commit these atrocities?!

How dare you pretend you do not see? See and lie about what you see?

How dare you say this Land is not ours?! God given, history given, war won…

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5 thoughts on “Recognizing Rage

  1. Oops, sorry, it’s not a poem at all, which just goes to show how quickly I scrolled down to the comment section, don’t it now?☺ I’ve read the article and whole-heartedly agree (if atheistic non-Jewishness doesn’t exclude me from being allowed to say so).


  2. Anonymous Atheist who doesn't like people wanting to kill him for having the audacity not to believe in their god(s)/goddess(es) says:

    I haven’t read the poem yet – I simply have to write the following comment immediately about the introduction first:
    I’m an atheist goyim but you have managed to capture the exact (except that I’m an atheist goyim overseas) thoughts that have been haunting my mind about this incident, the judgment, the possible repercussions. My compliments. You’re absolutely spot on!


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