Why do companies like Amazon and Sears think it’s ok to profit from Jew hate?

Why do companies like Amazon and Sears think it’s ok to profit from Jew hate?

Why do companies like Amazon and Sears think it’s ok to profit from Jew hate? The answer is simple – because we let them.

Jews and non-Jews, from fear or from apathy are allowing hate to spread.

All it takes for evil to thrive is for good people to remain silent. Jew hate is not new and neither is the desire of a company to profit. It is up to each and every one of us to make it clear that making money off of incitement and the proliferation of hate is unacceptable. It is unacceptable against any group but somehow hate speech against Jews has become normalized.

“I don’t want to rock the boat.”

“I don’t like it but people are allowed freedom of expression.”

“I don’t want to sink to their level.”

These are common explanations given by the Jewish community to justify silence in the face of hate. The problem is that silence is interpreted as acceptance.

If we Jews won’t defend ourselves, who will? The same rules that apply to individuals dealing with bullies, applies to groups. The bully picks on the person he perceives as weak. He pushes just a little. When there is no push back, the bully interprets his first attempt as success, becomes emboldened and pushes more.

Jews, desiring to be accepted by the majority have a tendency to overlook or ignore expressions of Jew hate in the hopes that it will simply go away. Sadly, appeasing bullies creates monsters.

Recently activists noticed that Sears was selling apparel emblazoned with the slogans of those calling for the annihilation of the Jewish State. “Free Palestine from Israeli Occupation” next to a map of the entire state, painted in PLO colors, leaves no doubt as to what is intended.


I can’t imagine any public corporation openly selling merchandise that incites against any other group, promoting the language used to encourage and support terrorism. Flouting hate, as if it is cool is disgusting but it is silence that allows the disgusting to become normal.

Where angry Muslims may go on killing sprees, angry Jews get busy complaining bitterly to each other so, why not make money off of Jew hate? Obviously, there is a market for these products. Where there is a demand it will be supplied – unless society deems the product utterly inappropriate and unacceptable. This is true for sugary foods, cigarettes, slavery… products that feed in to Jew hate are no different.

Sears, after a deluge of complaints, removed the offensive products. I have yet to see an official apology.

They obviously don’t believe we deserve one.

Amazon is selling a much more extensive line of Palestine merchandise.


Although Amazon has also received complaints, it has not been enough to make a difference. They will continue to make money from hate until they are convinced that doing so causes more damage to the company than benefit. It is up to decent people everywhere, Jews and non-Jews, to make it very clear that it is unacceptable to profit from hate against ANY group.

Their customer service phone number is 888-280-4331
If you have an account, contact via www.Amazon.com/customerservice

The best is to make a public complaint via social media.

Amazon on Facebook

Amazon on Twitter

Please also contact Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos on Facebook or on Twitter

Not to speak is to speak. Now is the time to speak. Rock the boat.

Enough is enough!

Free speech ends when it calls for my destruction.

4 thoughts on “Why do companies like Amazon and Sears think it’s ok to profit from Jew hate?

    1. A) It’s up to every company to monitor what is being sold under their name, that is their brand
      B) Sears took down the offensive products but instead of apologizing, they complained about being victimized. Can you imagine what their reaction would have been if someone had been selling shirts with images offensive to Muslims?
      C) Amazon is still selling terrorist glorifying anti-Israel shirts


  1. Amazon does not surprise me. A few years ago I complained to them that they were marketing pornographic material, via their Kindle store, to children. The material was free, and anyone with a Kindle account could access and download it. They lacked any type of parental controls. Their attitude was one that they do not monitor nor control what 3rd party sellers market. I got nowhere with them. I wish you better luck.


    1. This needs all decent people to make themselves heard. One person will not make a change. A deluge will. Please comment via the social media links that you find this unacceptable. Thank you


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