The people who dance with their book

Who are these people, who dance with their book?
A book created before humanity knew what books are,
A book that is really five books, written out by hand, on one long scroll.

Every single letter must be perfect.
Written exactly the way it was always written.
Otherwise, the writing must begin anew.

These people, the Others of the world called them, the “People of the Book”
Because their book defined them, told them how to live,
How to be a people.
And gave life to the modern world.

These people, my people, dance with our book once a year.
We have a special holiday for that – to rejoice in our book.
Dancing in circles, outside, in public,
Embracing the book, like a child carried by his or her parent,
Encouraging our children to join in,
To see this moment as one of sweetness and joy as well
Because they are the ones who will make sure this Book lives on.

Joy is a simple but profound emotion.
Not one usually evoked by a book.
But this is not “a book”, it is “The Book.”
This is the book of life, of civilization, of morality and humanity.

Like life itself, this book is cyclical.
We read it every year
And when we complete it, we rejoice.

And start again, from the beginning.

Every week there is a different chapter to read.
Always in the same order.
Always at the same time of year.

Always the same and yet, different every time.

At different times in life, the same wisdom is understood differently.
We learn and take away different messages, in varying depths of comprehension.
All are good, all are of value.
It is the journey that counts, the struggle to gain in wisdom
And begin the next year, better.

The people who dance with their book are people, dancing with life.
Rejoicing in the cycle of life, growing as individuals, together as a community,
One generation to the next.

10 thoughts on “The people who dance with their book

  1. Thank you for sharing. My weekly adult Bible study is currently working our way through the Old Testament or Your Book, at least parts that are included in our Bible. The past 2 weeks we studied Saul & King 👑 David. I find it fascinating and just remarked to my wife how easy we have it with books & my bible is IPad based. But all these names & places were once and probably still are handed down verbally from memory, through the centuries. As I study it becomes more concrete to me that Israel 🇮🇱 belongs to the Jews. God gave you the land through his covenant and it’s been fought for and defended through the centuries.

    Even in Modern times you can’t look at the Amazing, Swift, victories such as the 6 day war and not see a chosen people.

    The only part I can’t understand is God told David he would always protect his people, so how do we explain the Holocaust.

    Thank you Forest Rain Marcia for your wonderful insight to Israel 🇮🇱 and Jewish life for us Friends of Israel.


    1. Thanks for your thoughtful comment Dave.
      There have been many debates re the question of where was God during the Holocaust. Eli Wiesel said that he still believes in God but they are “not on very good terms”.
      All I can say is that the Holocaust (and WW2) provided the world an example of good vs evil, black vs white, something that could be learned from, emulated or ignored and repeated.
      In addition, following the Holocaust came one of the greatest miracles in the history of humankind – the re-establishment of Israel. This occurred not because of the Holocaust but despite the Holocaust, making the miracle even greater. No other indigenous people has ever regained their homeland, no other people brought almost to the point of extermination has ever been so crucial to the well-being of the entire world.
      Where was God? Did he abandon his people? To the individuals suffering it must have seemed like it. On the other hand, how do you explain the millions of tiny little miracles that made us who we are today? No other people on earth have achieved what we have achieved, thrived as we have thrived, showed the world what it means to love and live in faith as our people have done.


  2. Awesome. Praise the Lord! When is the certiorari and for how long. Where exactly is the location? Hope to participate someday.


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