ACTION CALL: Battle BDS and support Israel with three simple actions

“I want to help Israel. I believe in freedom. I believe in decency. But the problems are so huge, it’s overwhelming. What could I possibly do that would make a difference?”

Have you found yourself saying this or something similar? I think most people have.

Now is your chance. You can make a real, tangible impact with very little effort.

Israeli company Galilee Green has been targeted by BDS simply because they are, well, Israeli. Actually, they are much more, Jews who have returned to the land and make their living through their connection to the land.

It is no wonder the BDS movement has chosen to attack this small, family business.

A coordinated attack was launched on the company Facebook page where BDS members posted dozens of 1 Star reviews, taking down the business rating from a 5 star rating to a 3 star rating. This means that the Facebook algorithm will show the business to less potential customers, due to the assumption that potential customers will not want to see or interact with the business.

More details on how the BDS campaign is targeting this Israeli business can be seen here:

It infuriates me that a small, family business is being targeted simply because they are Jews, doing what Jews are supposed to do – return to Zion.

3 simple steps you can take:

  1. Buy from
  2. Write a positive review for Galilee Green on their Facebook page
  3. Share this story with a friend. Or even better, MANY friends.

It is time we told the BDSers they need to shut up and sit down. Jews have returned to Zion and we will not be moved from this land.

Please do what you can to help!

Good triumphs over evil when good people refuse to remain silent.

3 thoughts on “ACTION CALL: Battle BDS and support Israel with three simple actions

    1. The owners of Galilee Green have become Dear Friends. I won’t use any other Olive Oil than that which Rabbi Shmuel and Chana produce. And I am totally against the movement that isolates my Friends in Israel from selling their wonderful products all around our world. The top of my traveling list is to one day visit Israel, the land I have loved ♥️ since I was a small child.


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