The US embassy in Jerusalem and Hamas riots

As the US embassy is being opened in Jerusalem, Hamas is inciting riots on the Gaza border, using women and children as human shields, calling for martyrs to come die and even promising payment.


Their disregard for the lives of their own people is evil.

They threatened to storm the border, attacking IDF soldiers, burning tires poisoning the air and sending kite firebombs over the border and setting fire to Jewish farmlands.


And why do they do this?

Because they see the embassy as international acknowledgment of the fact that the Jewish people are here to stay. And they are right. They are also wrong – we have returned to Zion and are here to stay whether the international community acknowledges that or not.

The fact that America has made this historic move is important in that it DOES signal this recognition. The nations of the world have long been ambivalent about the Jewish people, saying that violence and antisemitism are unacceptable but doing nothing to stop it, saying that Israel has the right to defend her people but admonishing her for doing so.

Since her establishment, the nations of the earth have held their breath as over and over Israel was attacked, startled that against all odds, the nation survived.

The American move is important because it is an end to ambivalence. This is a declaration of understanding that the Jewish people have always been connected to Zion and will never leave. It is up to the rest of the nations of the earth to make the same decision and officially give up the secret or not so secret hope that the Jewish people will somehow disappear.

Hamas can also choose peace. They have to first accept reality. Unfortunately, at the moment they are choosing death – not for themselves but for the innocent people of Gaza who they are pushing to their deaths. They are paying people to die, asking people to die for a photo op! This is sickening.

And no less sickening are the members of the international media who are collaborating with this evil – creating beautifully posed photographs to make terrorists look like heroes, make IDF soldiers defending their homes like monsters. They too hope to undermine Israel’s legitimacy, consciously or unconsciously, in hopes that the Jewish people will disappear.

border riot
Imagine how tragic it will seem on tv if he gets shot, a cripple, so determined that he comes to riot with everyone else…

We won’t.

Our enemies can attack us. They can even damage us terribly. They cannot make us disappear.

The Nation of Israel has RETURNED and we will never leave again. That’s reality and eventually, Hamas, the media and the rest of the nations of the earth will just have to accept that.

9 thoughts on “The US embassy in Jerusalem and Hamas riots

  1. It is important to understand the difference. Protesting is not terrorism, every riot is not meant for killing. This is America’s old-age strategy, pushing every action of other nations into the pajamas of terror.


    1. Absolutely. Protests are fine. No one has any issue with people who march with signs, sing songs and even shout terrible things.
      There is a huge problem with people who attack our borders with explosives, knives, rocks, screaming that they want to murder us and eat our hearts with spoons. There is an even bigger problem with people who do this while they are carrying babies and pushing women in front of them , using them as human sheilds. That is a war crime.
      People who do ALL these things while poisoning our air, burning our land, ruining crops and murdering defensless animals are in a category all of their own…


    2. Seeking to break down a country’s border febce while armed with knives, weapons, explosives and instructions of ehat to do should you successfully break the fence and rush in (as well as maps to help you find the closest Jewish farming communities) Is TERRORISM. It is intended to scare the population, to damage the economy (which they are consistently doing by burning the crops by which farmer’s make money) and seeking to harm the local population should they succeed. If that is not terror, how do you define it? The lie here is the liberal and Muslim media calling this a protest. It is an angry mob out for blood, ready to be paid by Hamas or the P.A. should they succeed in their quest. Nothing more.


  2. “Their disregard for the lives of their own people is evil.”
    Once again, Hamas and their operatives seek to discredit the claim of the Jews to the Holy Land. The West should cry at the deaths? I think not: the protesters knowingly put themselves in harm’s way. The IDF showed remarkable restraint. Who else but the Israeli Army bends over backward to avoid civilian casualties? Who else but the Israeli Army shows restraint when assailed by their enemies? Mi k’amcha Yisroel!


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